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Breaded buncek or ham

In the book "Croatian dishes in a modern way", I have recorded this recipe for a long time and finally today, with a small change, it's my turn. Instead of dried buncek, I used a piece of dried ham, a fine gift from our dear friends, and I did everything else according to the original recipe. In the end, it turned out that this is a very good combination of foods that creates a very tasty winter appetizer, both hot and cold. But I turned this appetizer, with a fine homemade soup, into an excellent main course. Here is that simple recipe for the upcoming winter days .....


ala Neda ...

'Buncek ala Baka Todebo'

Thank you Baka Ljerka!

Buncek and baked potatoes

I am writing the recipe at the request of our dear Barbara26 ... It is very simple and exquisite ... I saw it in one show Food and Wine, so I made it from memory ...

Buncek in a new way

Buncek in a new way

Thinly sliced ​​buncek, and instead of the classic kale stew in a more refined way, as well as a spicy sauce - it is an interesting dish with a well-known home-made taste, which can be served on more festive occasions.

Buncek in the oven ... with ... find out for yourself ...

Buncek¸ certainly deserves a couple of lines right? We used to prepare and dry it ourselves, while that is no longer the case today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare it. What goes with buncek, I wonder, sauerkraut, potatoes, carrots, leeks, cooked or baked, in a pot or oven? There are a lot of possibilities, and only one buncek¸ some say it goes with cauliflower, but I don't think my dear grandmother would agree with that, some add beer again ... you know what of all that¸ I'll put it in the oven with more I do, so whatever it is, even if you ask my mom she would definitely put it in beans with the addition of barley porridge, homemade sauerkraut salad ... anyway, good luck to you!

Buncek with baked potatoes

The recipe is from crochef, very fine and filling in these winter days ....

Buncek with vegetables

These days, I tried another recipe recorded in the show "Food and Wine" by Čakovec's SRCE-TV. And this time the feeling of good and simple food did not let me down. It was a complete hit and we were happy to share a delicious meal with our friend Nada. Although cooking this dish takes a little longer, the effort pays off, as it is the right way to remarkably combine the flavors of smoked and dried pork buncek (shortbread) and fresh vegetables. If you like these simple folk dishes, this recipe will attract your attention… ..

Buncek with wine

It has nothing to do with a pig, Slavonians would tell me !!! Recipe from Jutarnji list. Extremely tasty and juicy… If you prepare ham like this, you won't go wrong ... and the holidays are coming…

BUTKICA (BUNCEK) in RENA and broccoli sauce

colder days are looking for calories and sharper flavors, the smell of horseradish and smoked thighs will certainly make the house warmer and the autumn atmosphere pleasant. Cook with autumn

Cooked bun

Buncek, which has been salted and smoked in just a few smokes, goes straight to cooking and thus remains juicy and tasty, licking for the fingers, and of course they are beautiful ...

Dried pea and ham soup

The Amish mostly eat food produced in their own gardens and farms, and vegetables, eggs, milk, poultry, grains, and fruits are the basis of their healthy diet. Try the Amish soup of dried peas and ham. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original from Delicious Amish Recepies cookbook, Phyllis Pellman Good.

Knee like under a baking sheet

For a happy palate :)

Knee with sauerkraut and dumplings

Knee with sauerkraut and dumplings

These knees are adored by German and Austrian cuisine, and you can leave it to your friends to judge whether they are better than our traditional, dried and then cooked buncek.

LIKA MRS - sauerkraut or cabbage and meat

Sauerkraut or greens, as we say in Gacka dolija ♥ .. Mrs was so tidy that it was once cooked for a feast. Lebra, bacon from the hub (face) and dry flint were kept. when the meat is cooked, boiled greens are thrown in the middle on a platter, all around the croissant is cooked whole, and if desired, chopped lebras are cut into linden pieces, faces cut into linden cubes and cremendal cut into slices. Mrs was also cooked for the biggest holidays, who could not have a lamb or a pig for roasting for Christmas, the feast was if he had boiled mrs.

New Year's buncek with glazed potatoes and stewed broccoli

This dish requires a little effort and preparations the day before. Still worth the effort, as the taste disarmed all skeptics.