Rosa Cooking

'Buncek ala Baka Todebo'

Thank you Baka Ljerka!

Preparation steps

  • Put the buncek in a large bowl with water, all the vegetables (put what you have, mostly vegetables for soup. Cook for about an hour and collect the foam, which is melted.
  • Then, transfer the meat from the broth, in a pan with oil and bake at a moderate temperature for an hour (without opening the oven! Then turn the buncek a little and pour over the broth in which it was cooked. Grandma recommended that the buncek be cut to the bone before put in the oven.
  • In the end, I increase the baking temperature a bit more and add the potatoes. I turn the bun until it is done. Vegetables can also be added before the end of baking.


In this way, the bun is juicy and hearty!


always buncek knee lunch meat pork todebo

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