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Grilled mackerel stuffed

Spring and summer gatherings with a barbecue will complete this recipe with a new quality. Stuffed mackerel will surprise with pine nut paste. Indulge in the charms of barbecue and warm weather, and as a point on the "i", add a salad and a glass of wine!

Preparation steps

  • Mackerel clean, wash, remove their heads and middle bone. Dry them well with a paper towel, and drizzle with lemon juice on the outside.
  • Top with the filling that you will prepare as follows: add olive oil, lemon juice, Vegeta, bread crumbs, crushed garlic and parsley to the ground pine nuts. Mix the stuffing well and stuff the prepared mackerel with it.
  • Grease the grill or grate on which you will bake the fish well. Bake the stuffed fish on the heated grill on each side for 4-5 minutes.


Salt the baked stuffed mackerel on the outside and serve warm with a salad of your choice.


barbecue fish garlic lunch mackerel parsley pine nuts seafood stuffing

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