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Norwegian cream soup of fish and shrimp

Norwegians like to warm their cold days with soups, and the most popular are those made of fish, shellfish and vegetables with the addition of cream and white wine. Fish and shrimp cream soup is just like that. If you don’t have shrimp, use shellfish.

Tomato soup with dill

The soup prepared in this way will not pass without a compliment. Therefore, set foot to the market, get all the groceries, decorate the table, prepare this tomato soup in just 20 minutes and invite a special guest. Success is guaranteed!

Sarma from grape leaves

Greek cuisine is simple, rustic and imaginative, full of aromatic additives. It is rich in dishes of black and green olives, various cheeses, moussaka and dolma, with meat and meatless fillings, such as this dish.

Pea soup

Due to its extremely full taste and density, pea soup can also be used as a stand-alone dish. With the addition of leeks rich in many vitamins, this filling, attractive and delicious dish becomes an extremely healthy meal.

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Main courses

Vegetable strudel

The smell of freshly baked puff pastry is the smell of warmth and well-being. Vegetables and parmesan dough give a fuller taste, and a mild dill smell of freshness. You will delight guests with this strudel if you serve it as a welcome appetizer.

Tuna for salad

An imaginative trace of Mediterranean flavor will be left by deliciously prepared tuna with mayonnaise, ketchup and cognac sauce.

Layered squares

They’re warm, aren’t they sandwiches? They’re layered, aren’t they lasagna? These imaginative and colorful squares are a new idea for any socializing.

Light tuna salad

Blue fish with boiled eggs, enriched with pickles, with the addition of garlic, olive oil and a touch of apple cider vinegar. Super easy to prepare and super trendy.

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Side dish

Gratinated asparagus

As far back as 3000 years ago, the Chinese celebrated asparagus as a medicine, and today it is revered as a purifier of the body. Cream of asparagus soup, asparagus with tomato and mozzarella, with eggs, and au gratin, are just some of the (excellent!) Ways it can be prepared.

Spicy rice

It is impossible to imagine a more fragrant and aromatic rice than this. We don't know how it is with you, but at the mention of pistachios, raisins, ginger, orange juice and other ingredients of this dish, we simply go wild with desire, for food of course.

Mushroom spread

This little dish is simple and unusual, and especially a new taste and a good idea for a meatless or vegetarian meal.

Kapanci with cheese and bacon

What side dish to refresh the menu today? Any form of dough will be warmly welcomed, so offer hungry to the hungry housemates for a change! Mixed with cheese and diced bacon it will also serve as a standalone dish!

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Mushroom moussaka

Moussakas are a specialty of Eastern cuisines - with minced meat, vegetables… If you haven't, be sure to try the mushroom moussaka. Especially if you like mushrooms.

Delicatessen goulash

Goulash is always welcome on the table. But only a small change in the type and ratio of food, and the simplest becomes - a delicacy.

Fish paprikash

The specific taste of carp is reason enough for its fans to embark on the preparation of a quick fish. Everything that is missing from the stew you have cooked so far will be made up by Dr. Fant, a specialist in fish soup and stew!


Corn cakes are a delicacy of Amish cuisine, and due to the simplicity and speed of preparation, they will find their place on our daily menus. If you strive for simplicity, you will be closer to it with the authentic taste of Amish food. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original from Delicious Amish Recepies cookbook, Phyllis Pellman Good.

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Light tuna salad

Very simple preparation and decorative look light tuna salad will become an irresistible salad on your table.

Creamy potato salad with horseradish

A creamy salad with potatoes, eggs and horseradish can be a great side dish with cooked ham or cold roast, but if you can’t wait for the roast to cool, it’s a good excuse to be a stand-alone dish as well.


You can turn the ingredients for a classic summer salad into a new combination in an instant, reviving sataraš, a very tasty, simple and a bit fun dish. You can also serve it with grilled dishes or freeze them and use them as a side dish.

Spinach dumplings

South Tyrol is an extremely interesting historical, geographical, tourist and gastronomic heart of Europe: the province is part of Italy, and in its plate are the most famous specialties of Italian and Austrian cuisine that surprise with harmony and modernity.

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Choco Gold pancakes

Make a delicious packet of pancakes with Lino lade Gold sauce, decorate it with whipped cream and banana slices and enjoy a new dessert.

Beefsteak in herbs

Beefsteak, as the highest quality part of beef, requires special treatment: a well-affected type and amount of spices and proper preparation. If you stick to this recipe with Mediterranean herbs, we believe that success will not be missed.

Coffee with aromatic whipped cream

Products like the whipped cream hit , always offer us the opportunity to play with the variations of taste. If you mix the powder from the bag with orange juice and amaretto, the whipped cream will get a whole new dimension.

Baklava with almonds

Oriental pie with an Arabic name, baqlawa, topped with melted honey and lemon juice, is best known as Greek and Turkish, and is a favorite in our region. Tasting it with various fillings, we also topped it with almonds instead of the usual walnuts.

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A warm chocolate drink

There is almost no person who has not grown up with pudding. Try it in a completely new and unique way in the form of a drink.

Black Forest café

Every country in Central Europe has its favorite brandy or as the Germans call schnaps. Try their famous kirsch combined with black coffee. The aroma will not lag behind if you use maraschino instead of kirsch.

Fit tomatoes

This invigorating drink will offer you much more than refreshment: it will prepare you for sports or dance endeavors, refresh you, give you strength and optimism. If you thought a man couldn’t get more out of a potion, we’ll reassure you.

Wake up

This fruit-spice combination abounds in healing and nutritional properties that will recharge your batteries for everyday efforts. So “Wake up” with this awakening cocktail.

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