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Fantastic green soup

Cream of broccoli and cauliflower soup cooked in milk will win over with its simplicity and those less prone to fine vegetables.


Macedonian and Bulgarian cuisine, if nothing else, have a common tarator, cold soup or liquid cucumber salad that mainly cools down hot summer days. Almost the same dish is eaten in Turkey, Iran and Albania.

Alloy nettle soup

Spring is the time when we should take advantage of the benefits that nature offers us. So go for a walk, pick young nettles and prepare a delicious cream soup that will be hard to resist.

Miso soup with broccoli

Breakfast soup will not overload the body, and will include optimal amounts of carbohydrates and fats of plant origin, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Clear miso soup loves all kinds of chopped vegetables, mushrooms and cereals.

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Main courses

Veal with prunes

Prune sauce will go well with steaks from other types of meat.

Chicken with honey

Like life, bitter and sweet, with mustard and honey, the exotic marinade introduces an interesting mix of oriental flavors and an oriental meal in which you don’t necessarily have to serve rice.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone is the Italian name for a thick soup of several types of vegetables with cooked pasta or rice. As a more generous and nutritious variant, we suggest adding crispy cubes of roasted pancetta or prosciutto.

Pappardelle and Contadino stew

If you like it, prepare the dough yourself. But for culinary taste, the preparation of a fantastic ragout from two types of light and tasty meat is enough: rabbit and chicken.

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Side dish

Sauteed cabbage with bacon dumplings

A hearty winter meal will strengthen you even after the most demanding outdoor activities such as skiing, sledding, snow clearing… And sauerkraut (to which you add a crumb of sugar for a better taste) will compensate for the lack of vitamin C in the fastest way!

Yogurt dressing

Your specialty is salad? And, honestly, are you already fed up with your specialty? Simply taste the new topping. Enriched yogurt as a saliva fits every salad.

Cous-cous with vegetables

If you eat like this, you will surely experience a hundred, and undoubtedly and endlessly enjoy the lightness and distinctive taste. A dish worthy of even the most solemn occasion is very easy to prepare.

Tempting dish on the grill

Mushrooms have taken over the world of barbecue so much that meat lovers are the first to catch them, and for vegetarians they justify setting up a barbecue! Tempting bruschettas can be for both - vary them with and without bacon.

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Beefsteak in puff pastry

Beefsteak in puff pastry will be a surprise to many, but it is already a well-established tradition in the culinary world. The perfect refreshment for anyone who would eat more than one steak every day of the week.

Chateau potatoes

Although this French rustic dish was a favorite of the nobility in the past, it is still an excellent addition to meat dishes. Rosemary essential oils give an unusual taste to potatoes, so they are often consumed on their own.

Chicken wings with Coca-Cola

You bought a wok, got all the necessary oriental spices and now you are looking for a recipe that would attract you with its creative and imaginative solutions. Chicken wings with Coca-Cola meet both criteria, as well as the irresistibility of taste.

Cabbage fritters

Turning leftovers from lunch into a fine dinner is a real challenge. If you want to pass the exam, remember fritters! There are almost no foods from which they could not be shaped, and kale is especially suitable, in combination with cheese.

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Tomato salad

Basic recipe for tomato salad! First of all, choose firm and healthy fruits, and the salad will be even tastier if you make it with mini-tomatoes. If you have leftovers, store them in the refrigerator; it will be delicious even after blending with the aromas of the marinade.

Salad dressing with wine and balsamic vinegar

The best of the best is found in this unique salad dressing. Sweet-sour taste of balsamic vinegar, bitter semi-dry red wine and quality cold-pressed virgin olive oil. Serve it with lettuce or seasonal vegetable salads.

Fresh vegetables with dill sauce

Instead of the usual snacks, for women's and men's seats, for teenage parties, for night surfing the Internet, prepare something unusual - sticks of fresh vegetables with sauce.

Squid with potatoes

That potatoes and squid are kissed has always been known, but to what extent they complement each other harmoniously, discover by preparing squid with potatoes. You can attribute the credit to parsley, wine and wine vinegar, garlic or fennel, and you can complete the dish with ink.

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Dried fruit strudel

This delicacy comes directly from paradise. And it's not just about apples, but there are also raisins, dried figs and plums, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cinnamon, clove powder, orange… Recommendation - be sure to try.

Cheesecake with chocolate

Cheesecake is a mixture for preparing a cheesecake. The world-famous dessert of a well-known name is ideal for preparation in the summer months because it is prepared without baking.

Lošinj biscuits with olive oil

When someone lives on a sun-drenched island, rich in olive trees, it is not at all unusual that they experience olive oil as inspiration for cakes as well. Other foods will make cookies, albeit simple, a real delicacy.

Cherry roll

Cherries are an excellent base for various cakes, and the cherry roll is in their application at the very top. For the cherry roll, you need a biscuit, then a pre-prepared cherry filling and whipped sweet cream.

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Fragrant hibiscus

A cinnamon stick in the history of gastronomy has impressively smelled many things, and an interesting hibiscus and apple drink will only make it even more appealing.

Berry smoothies

The berry season is short and should be used. Above all, healthy blueberries and raspberries with soy or rice milk make an excellent smoothie adapted to a vegetarian diet. Why not give it a try?

Sumadija tea

Šumadija tea is an alcoholic beverage with a strength of about 25%, because it is this percentage that provides the basic aroma and characteristic properties of the drink. An integral part of consuming is inhaling steam (though not up close!).

Cactus cocktail

It is always easy to enchant children with the simplest tricks. Just make sure your juices don’t mix and the magic potion is ready.

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