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Mushroom soup with buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat or buckwheat porridge is a nutritious and easily digestible food, and on cold winter days it will be best prepared prepared for soup with fresh or dried mushrooms.

Fine soup with asparagus

Whether garden or wild, asparagus will be a perfect contribution to the spring cleansing of the body and the desire to eat healthy and tasty. cream soup will come to the rescue, and for the rest - read the recipe.

Green Princess Soup

What a little fresh green parsley and chives can do is revealed by a soup based on one of the delicious soups from the bag.

Hazelnut soup

Hazelnuts in the kitchen are not just used to prepare cakes. We reassure you with Brazilian hazelnut soup. Chili, nutmeg, pepper and cream - logically, and if you serve it with fresh pomegranate seeds, your gourmet happiness is greater.

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Main courses

Layered integral pizza

To all of you who are wondering why pizza is always made of white flour, we have decided to include integral pizza in me, which is not the only curiosity related to it. In addition to the full flavor of wholemeal flour, it will also surprise you with its layering.

Potato field

Old-fashioned fields delight potato lovers because of their simplicity and because they go well with the most sumptuous meat and vegetables, but also with completely simple and economical combinations with cheese and bacon and on their own with a variety of fresh salads.

Shrimp with rice

Shrimp with rice, a meal that will "teleport" you from a safe land position among sea wolves and barren Adriatic, can be prepared as an extremely sophisticated dish, which is contributed by chopped fresh mint and grated lemon zest.

Veal steak in tomato sauce

Tomato, garlic and olive oil are a trio you can’t go wrong with. Enhance the impression of chopped tomatoes with a spoonful of oregano and capers and serve with steaks with rice, gnocchi or pasta.

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Side dish

Green gnocchi in a fine sauce

No matter how good connoisseurs of gnocchi dishes are, prepare for a real surprise, which includes cognac, mascarpone, fennel and… of course, the surprise will be positive. The dish is preferably served with lettuce.

Roulade with mushrooms

The recipe for this dish was brought by the cuisine team from the Austrian part of Tyrol. We found it not only delicious but also practical, as it can be prepared in advance and baked just before serving.

Side dish of beans and vegetables

Easy to prepare, and a very healthy, tasty and cheap dish. It will delight both those who cook it and those who taste it.

Mushrooms with sour cream

Although Finland is a real paradise for mushroom pickers, it was once valued only in the eastern parts, along the border with Russia. Fortunately, in today’s Finnish cuisine, forest and cultivated mushrooms have become an indispensable part of Nordic cuisine.

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Cute duck

Make the right choice to enjoy a special dinner, prepare flambéed duck breast and stewed vegetables with thyme, pour over the wine, add sweet cream and enjoy a light sweet tone in a fine roast.

Spoons of spinach with bolognese sauce

Prepare spinach spoons with bolognese sauce and serve sprinkled with parmesan leaves.

Spicy butter on ramsteak

We present you an excellent ramsteak which, thanks to the spicy butter with perfectly combined flavors of capers, garlic and parsley, has "that something" that makes it stand out from similar dishes with ramsteak.


The old dish soparnik dates back to the time before the Turks, and they perfected it in Dalmatian Poljice. It was originally prepared on round wooden boards and baked on a chimney, but this recipe is adapted for preparation in the oven.

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Green noodles with shellfish

For the preparation of seafood pasta, it is best to choose long smooth noodles such as tagliatelle, linguine, spaghetti and the like. The shellfish variant is a school example of simple, healthy and extremely tasty Mediterranean cuisine.

Sauerkraut salad

If you are expecting just a classic sauerkraut salad, you will be positively surprised. Serve a special salad with pumpkin seeds and oil with sausages, polenta and bacon. A very simple dish can also be a stand-alone meal.

Mixed salad with leeks

Although the seal gives it a leek, not so common in salads, its tone is determined by the rich topping that you can use for other salads as well.

Waldorf salad

Waldorf salad belongs to international salads, and is usually prepared only with celery, apples and other spices. It can also be prepared, for example, with chicken, tangerines, and in our recipe we added Vegeta. Serves as an appetizer.

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Kuglof with yogurt

Why are kuglofs so popular? Maybe because they are easy to prepare. Or because of an irresistible shape that can hardly fail. And maybe because our little ones love them so much. From words to kuglof with yogurt!

Chocolate mousse with tangerines

Once upon a time, mousse au chocolat, foamy chocolate, was a specialty of French restaurants, and in the ’60s it slowly crept into the rest of the world. Slightly draw it into your home and enrich it with the scent of mandarins and surprise your family.

Happy snails

These snacks, especially if shaped differently, can be a great snack for a birthday, party, learning together…

Savi with pate

The birthday party is an opportunity for the sautees with pate to shine in full splendor! Just three groceries, a serrated bread knife and a safe hand are enough, and a sense of symmetry will not be out of place!

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Chocolate liqueur

Although the Aztecs prepared a chocolate drink back in the 4th century, to this day there are countless cold and hot versions of it. Even this home made liqueur with its sweetness combined with rum does not lag behind others. The right lady's drink, but not exclusively.

Cactus cocktail

It is always easy to enchant children with the simplest tricks. Just make sure your juices don’t mix and the magic potion is ready.

Nice hot drink

Sweet and fragrant spices spiced hot mulled wine used to be a matter of prestige in houses and cafes. Times change, and a hot beverage is an equally favorite. If its base is good tea like rooibos, and more.

Orange juice with ginger

Orange drink with ginger is rich in vitamin C and protective substances that will be not only exotic and spicy, but also beneficial for your body.

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