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Peanut soup

This soup is one of the main stars in the offer of American restaurants serving colonial Virginia cuisine. Peanuts are a very popular snack for Americans, and on average they eat about 10 pounds of caloric fruit a year!

Minestrone with broccoli

The fine winter thick vegetable soup opens another door to the unjustly neglected broccoli.

Roasted tomato soup

Great light soup for hot summer days! It will invigorate you with fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes, be a worthy source of minerals and vitamins, as well as effective protection against dehydration. Magic garlic and excellent basil will complete the taste.


Macedonian and Bulgarian cuisine, if nothing else, have a common tarator, cold soup or liquid cucumber salad that mainly cools down hot summer days. Almost the same dish is eaten in Turkey, Iran and Albania.

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Main courses

Salmon with zucchini crust

Arrange salmon with zucchini with boiled potatoes and serve to favorite guests with the best wine.

Salmon in shells

Beginners can also afford a bit of festive exoticism. This recipe is just seemingly much more complex than it really is. It will have a special taste if you prepare salmon for two in this way.

Sauerkraut salad

If you are expecting just a classic sauerkraut salad, you will be positively surprised. Serve a special salad with pumpkin seeds and oil with sausages, polenta and bacon. A very simple dish can also be a stand-alone meal.

Light bean stew

Do you want to eat healthy? Beans, lentils, onions, garlic, red peppers, parsley and celery in olive oil - healthier almost can not, and the dish will warm you, give energy and invigorate. Thyme and marjoram will prevent bloating and enhance pleasure.

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Side dish

Eggplants in the Sicilian way

This light eggplant dish, apart from vegetarians, will be enjoyed by everyone who loves vegetables.

Vegetables with lemon sauce

A small amount of sugar when preparing vegetables will give it a subtle sweetness and get the best out of it. This is especially true of root vegetables, such as carrots, and asparagus, which will happily swim in the aromatic lemon sauce.

Tomato with corn

Tomatoes and corn are indispensable foods of the New World, including Chilean cuisine. Prepare them with the addition of selected spices and serve as a side dish to chicken or some other meat.

Gourmet snacks

The dish - the joke is not evaluated either by the speed of preparation or the number of ingredients used, but by the result. And these enriched crackers are snacks for the gods.

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Imaginative crackers

When hungry guests announce their company, don’t even think about cooking. Quickly slice some cheese and salami, arrange them on crispy crackers coated with cheese spread and serve with fine drinks!

Pasta in a fine sauce

Instead of the ordinary noodles prepare imaginative, much tastier. It only takes two slices of pressed ham and a few more minutes.

Larded steak

For visitors to Mexico, one of the most interesting destinations is the el mercado or market, a key part of Mexican life, a gathering place and social club with a rich selection of groceries, which is also reflected in Mexican menus.

Bagels pastries with salmon

Bagels are one of the trademarks of New York, and are usually associated with Jewish culture. Unlike donuts, bagels are formed from a cylindrical piece of dough whose ends are joined to form a roll.

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Spring salad with zucchini

Spring is the right time to take advantage of the rich offer of fresh vegetables. The rhapsody of colors and flavors on the plate will leave few indifferent. Serve the salad as a light meal or as a side dish to a main course.

Corn salad

For a change, why not replace plain lettuce with one of the sumptuous, vitamin bombs? With a simple or complex meal, serve a salad of corn, tomatoes and cucumbers, which you will spice up with sprinkles and light dressing.

Pickles of onions

Pickles are an indispensable and favorite part of a macrobiotic plate, and they also go well with "other plates", ie with dishes prepared in another way.

Tomato salad

Basic recipe for tomato salad! First of all, choose firm and healthy fruits, and the salad will be even tastier if you make it with mini-tomatoes. If you have leftovers, store them in the refrigerator; it will be delicious even after blending with the aromas of the marinade.

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Stars with jam

The stars used to be typical Christmas cookies, but their beautiful appearance and great taste bring them to the table on many other, especially festive occasions.

Two-tone cream cheese

Cream cheese is a common dessert on our tables, cut into larger or smaller cubes, with two or more crusts, with or without whipped cream, with sugar topping or sprinkle… Now try it - two-tone.

Salad with celery and apples

When preparing a salad from the aromatic celery root, you can cook it first, or grate it. This spicy tuber is a good ally in the fight against excess weight; supposedly we burn more calories by eating it than it contains!

Fried ravioli with pumpkin

This recipe shows how a successful combination of the Mediterranean and the continent can be. Yellow pumpkin and olive oil in packets of dough. What an aroma!

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Fruit juice

Decorate the fruit juice, cocktail or plain glass of mineral with attractive ice cubes with fruit. While they are not yet in season, you can fill ice cubes with other fruits: sliced ​​kiwi, lemon, lime, or any other type.

Honey milk with cinnamon

If you've watched the last show on TV and counted all the sheep, and sleep is out of nowhere, reach for a glass of a sweet drink to quickly fall asleep: milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that has a hypnotic effect on people…

Banana shake

Indulge in sweet pleasure without remorse. Prepare a fruit shake yourself to which you will add wheat germ, which, along with an abundance of B vitamins, vitamin E and carotene, are an irreplaceable source of energy.

Foamed banana and peanut smoothies

Frape is a healthy, fruity-milk meal you can drink! Peanut butter gives it fullness, and with bananas and a little chocolate it becomes part of the perfect triangle of flavors. It’s quite caloric, so treat yourself to it before or after more physical exertion.

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