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A rooster in wine

Legend has it that the famous recipe of French cuisine Coq au Vin was invented by chef Julius Caesar when the Gauls, after conquering them, gave the emperor an ironic gift in the form of a tough old rooster. And who then says that not every gift finds application?

Cream of zucchini and potato soup

Although long reserved for Mediterranean cuisine, its breakthrough in recent decades has been unstoppable. We eat it cooked, baked, breaded and raw. Ladies and gentlemen, the star of our soup is Lagenaria vulgaris or zucchini.

Vegetable soup the Israeli way

Rich vegetable soup in the Israeli way. Tomatoes, peas and dill will give the necessary freshness to this thick soup that is easy and quick to prepare. Are you still waiting?

Chicken ragout soup

Ragui, from Fr. ragout, are thick soups or sauces of various types of meat, mushrooms, vegetables… They can be eaten as a standalone dish or as an addition to pasta and potatoes.

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Main courses

Rossini steak

Steak is a steak made from quality, usually beef. Steaks are generally cut perpendicular to the muscle tissue, which enhances its tenderness and softness. It is mainly served with vegetables, warm bread, pasta or rice.

Stuffed tomatoes

Choose a dozen smaller, harder tomatoes and prepare an imaginative appetizer! For the filling, reach for a healthy cereal, rye, which needs to be cooked beforehand. Season with fresh herbs and garnish with parsley leaves.

Buncek in a new way

Thinly sliced ​​buncek, and instead of the classic kale stew in a more refined way, as well as a spicy sauce - it is an interesting dish with a well-known home-made taste, which can be served on more festive occasions.

Cooked veal with tomato sauce

If you prefer homemade food over purchased ready-made porridges, boiled veal with tomato sauce will be a welcome addition to the diversity of your ten-month-old baby’s diet.

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Side dish


Apart from its distinctive name, cicvara captivates with its simplicity and beauty. Very simple preparations, available to any depth of pocket, eaten hot most often with the addition of sour milk and cream.

Cheese and spinach strudel

There is nothing better than homemade dough that is lovingly mixed and thinly and precisely stretched without haste. If you "wrap" it around a good, homemade stuffing of cheese, eggs, cream and spinach, you will get a top-quality strudel.

Tomatoes Paradiso

A dish that is not cooked, and is prepared quickly and refreshes for a long time - as much in color as in taste. Although seemingly summery, it can be prepared at any time, either as a snack or as an appetizer.

Vegetable pan

When the market turns green and red, it’s hard to resist shopping and not come home hands full of juicy fruits! Take advantage of the abundance of vegetables and prepare it with veal! Decorate the finished dish with fragrant chives, which will supply you with vitamins A and C.

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Gris dumplings with cheese

Semolina dumplings or dumplings are a real association to grandma's kitchen. A stand-alone meal or a sweet meal finish with a topping of bread crumbs, sugar and cinnamon will bring back the familiar smells and tastes of childhood.

Fish and chips

Fish 'n' chips, "food from the legs" is especially popular in England, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, it has taken over the world, and with regional specialties it is basically a good old french fries and fried fish. tried and adapted according to the original from the Englische küche cookbook, Anna Wilson.

Happy pennies

For vegetarians, or those who simply love vegetables and new flavors with the addition of beer, penne is the right choice.

Pork fillet with asparagus and stewed cabbage

Pork steaks with asparagus and braised cabbage are part of Latvian culinary folklore. Slightly more demanding preparations, along with braised cabbage with mushrooms, and cumin, are all just not ordinary and boring.

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Singapore salad

In addition to vegetables, fruits, tofu, basil and mint, slices of orange, chilli and peanut butter have a place in the sauce for Singapore salad. Some are dangerously hungry, and we believe that there are already those who are full from the very introduction to the recipe.

Hot potatoes

Many of you desperately admit that giving classic partners in a dish without potatoes and meat cannot meet the daily needs for a specific meal. Hot potatoes prepared in a wok will win the hearts of your family, and you will eat something completely different.

Olive oil with spices

Do you like aromatherapy? Olive oil will serve as a medium for capturing the flavors, aromas and colors of herbs, and the possibilities of application are numerous: sprinkle it on pasta, salad, fish dishes…

Pea and flake fritters

Vegetable fritters have long played an important role in the vegetarian diet. The combinations of ingredients are really endless, and we suggest a novelty in the form of pea fritters and oatmeal and barley flakes.

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Swedish cake

It is not known why this cake was called Swedish. Maybe because of the ingredients, the tradition, the look… Anyway, the only thing that matters is that, given the ingredients and the time required for its preparation, it is excellent.

Fruit bombs

Innovation at work: apricot halves under a hot chocolate pudding blanket! You probably haven't thought of that yourself yet! With a fresh and slightly sweet taste and an imaginative look, the bombs are a welcome summer refreshment.


Do you start the day with a spoonful of honey, meadow, acacia, heather - whatever? If you are not committed to health, maybe you are the sweetness of fragrant gingerbread?

Christmas bread

Ultra-rich Christmas bread like the one the English send to friends and relatives for Christmas. Cheer up your family and serve it with coffee and tea for Christmas breakfast.

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Carrot and apple vegetable drink

Carrots and pistachios? At first glance, an unusual combination, but with the addition of apple juice, honey, yogurt and cinnamon, you will get a delicious and fragrant, completely rounded fine drink suitable for all generations.

Navy tea

If it is necessary to become a sailor in order to taste this exotic drink called sailor's tea, this condition is not so bad - a little rum goes into the best desserts and cocktails.

Yogurt with blueberry jam

Cold refreshments, especially for hot days, instead of the usual ice cream, just much, much easier.


Persian yogurt drink is a refreshing Persian carbonated drink of yogurt, mint and soda water. Enjoy this traditional Iranian yogurt drink when you are very hot or with dinner.

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