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Cold avocado soup

Let's solve one dilemma at the beginning - avocado is a fruit. We can now move on to preparing a simple soup. The fact that it is cold will be loved by many fans of the "cold table", and others will gain its irresistible taste.

Yogurt soup with dill

Most yogurt soup recipes come from Turkey, Greece, Iran and Armenia. For some, yogurt is added at the end, and in this one it is the main ingredient and base to which cucumber and mozzarella cubes, seeds, spices and herbs are added.

Panzanella soup

For a refreshingly cold and delicious soup, all you need is a walk through the garden or the market, so cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers will turn into your favorite start to a meal, and capers and olives will give the Mediterranean experience on a plate.

Lamb soup with dried meat

You will get a simple meal, especially if you cook the soup only on prosciutto bones, lamb's head or dried mutton, and you will thicken it by adding a variety of vegetables, so it will become a hearty independent dish.

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Main courses

Baked leeks

Ancient winter vegetables are very popular. Today, it can be chosen almost all year round and in various varieties, so you can choose between dark and light green, between large and small, between tough and one that is cooked by cooking or baking.

Shuffed squid

With seafood you need to know. The recipe for stewed squid was worked from generation to generation, until a perfect ratio of ingredients and methods of preparation was obtained in order to get the best out of this affordable food.

Marinated turkey breast

In ancient times, marinades concealed the smell of foods and extended their shelf life, today fine marinades add a completely new, surprising smell and taste to the highest quality foods such as turkey breast.

Frittata with mushrooms

Frittatas or scrambled eggs are prepared everywhere, and in Istria they are almost a cult folk dish. The choice and preparation depend on how much imagination you have, what your taste is and what you have in the fridge, such as prosciutto, bacon, asparagus, tomatoes, spring onions or cheese.

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Side dish

Spicy rice

It is impossible to imagine a more fragrant and aromatic rice than this. We don't know how it is with you, but at the mention of pistachios, raisins, ginger, orange juice and other ingredients of this dish, we simply go wild with desire, for food of course.

Spinach dumplings

South Tyrol is an extremely interesting historical, geographical, tourist and gastronomic heart of Europe: the province is part of Italy, and in its plate are the most famous specialties of Italian and Austrian cuisine that surprise with harmony and modernity.

Mushrooms with sour cream

Although Finland is a real paradise for mushroom pickers, it was once valued only in the eastern parts, along the border with Russia. Fortunately, in today’s Finnish cuisine, forest and cultivated mushrooms have become an indispensable part of Nordic cuisine.

Cuban rice with chicken

If Cuba is on the list of exotic destinations you want to visit, in the meantime try a typical Cuban dish - rice with chicken. Maybe salsa dancers, exotic cocktails, beautiful beaches and za are playing in front of your eyes.

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Skewer on the spit

To be in Vienna, not to go to the Prater - as if you weren't there. Being in the Prater, not tasting a pork shank on a spit - as if you hadn't been to Vienna no matter how many Viennese steaks you ate. This hearty and delicious dish today owns its world and expands beyond the Germanic.

Fish in the Sichuan way

There is a whole cultural heritage between Chinese and Western cuisine. The Chinese diet is so rich in fiber and contains less fat, and is characterized by lots of vegetables, rice, mushrooms and fish.

Beef sausages stuffed with sauerkraut

This dish requires effort and commitment contrary to the campaign approach to cooking. Along with beef, the main ingredient - sauerkraut - comes to the fore by using spices, including cumin, bay leaf, pepper, cloves and allspice.

Kebab in a bun

A collective name for many meat dishes, kebab has conquered Europe for the last 10 years with its original taste, which comes from quality mutton (lamb) and veal. It is usually served with a bun, yogurt sauce or a side dish of vegetables.

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Watermelon salad with hazelnuts

Fruit salad? Sounds challenging. You can serve this unusual combination of fruits and vegetables as a refreshing addition after an extravagant meal or a small meal for hot summer days.

Cooked rye salad

Rye is especially healthy in combination with vegetables, fresh herbs and garlic, and should be included in the menu as often as possible. If you take this salad to work, you have ensured a healthy and low-calorie lunch.

Fruit cup

Gastro-nostalgia: let's go back to the 80's, when going to the fruit cup was the peak of glamor in the life of every teenage girl. In recent years, his penchant for healthy eating has brought him back to fashionable menus.

Sour mixed vegetable salad

With the look of an attractive jar, you will get if you arrange the layers of vegetables alternately with the layers of onions, fresh peppers and pepperoni. This interesting winter will also serve as a nice gift for friends.

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Stuffed fillet

Ordinary pork fillet, "scented" with herbs and Vegeta, hides a plate of prosciutto in the middle, and a special taste is given by white wine, added near the end of cooking. Not even a top restaurant would be ashamed of this steak.

Tea pralines

Dress in chocolate glaze on balls rolled in chopped almonds, pistachios or coconuts and enjoy charming snacks with tea.

Forest cake

A forest cake with fragrant cinnamon and blueberries cannot go unnoticed at a picnic and will surely become a permanent dessert in your kitchen. Very simple, just winning.

Perfume water

This airy cake would fit perfectly in the shape of a cake, and decorated with various fruits and cut into cubes will be a unique refreshment on your table for different tastes.

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Fragrant hibiscus

A cinnamon stick in the history of gastronomy has impressively smelled many things, and an interesting hibiscus and apple drink will only make it even more appealing.

Green tea with mint

Green and black tea are in. Refresh yourself in your own way: inhale a couple of green tea and green mint leaves.

Milk drink with marzipan

A divine mixture of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites can also serve as a mysterious ingredient in a milk drink. Marzipan is also used for decorative stars, which you can also sprinkle with grated chocolate. White mustache guaranteed!

Sangria with pineapple

The search for the origin of sangria leads to Spain and Portugal. The definition of sangria, a fruit drink made from red wine, mineral water and fresh fruit, also explains why there is so much variation on the subject. You will love this one.

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