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Potato soup with saffron and shrimp

Enrich the usual thick potato soup with saffron, which, in addition to giving a nice yellow color, will also be responsible for the new taste.

Coconut, ginger and carrot soup

If you do not have the opportunity to travel to faraway Hawaii, you can create an exotic atmosphere if you prepare this unusual soup. For complete enjoyment, serve it in coconut. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original from Hawaiian Country Tables cookbook, Kaui Philpotts.

Cream of broccoli soup

If you want the soup to be perfectly creamy, mix it and boil it briefly. Belgian broccoli soup is served with a few boiled broccoli and egg whites and cream.

Cold milk soup

Ready for surprises? In the cold Amish soup, almost incompatible ones came together for the soup: milk, bread and chopped fruit. The fruit is of course seasonal, and with plenty of vitamins and minerals, the soup will cool you down nicely in the summer heat. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original from Delicious Amish Recepies cookbook, Phyllis Pellman Good.

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Main courses

Cheese strudel

Cheese is a favorite filling for cakes, and especially for cakes. But instead of the dough drawn into the sheets, this time we roll the cheese filling into the leavened dough.

Stuffed strudel

The best things are often wrapped in very simple packaging. So it is with stuffed strudel, whose only ingredients are “Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms” and mozzarella. Simple, delicious and done in the blink of an eye.

Jaeger in a fantastic bean stew

You have already discovered that jeger fits perfectly into beans, but in combination with chilli it will make hot spoons full of fine stew a spicy "rhapsody" of taste.

Braised wild duck

Hunting specialties are no longer as widespread as they used to be, when hunting was an important economic branch and when hunting was organized on manors. But exceptional dishes have been preserved like the best trophies. This is also the case with feathered game.

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Side dish

Sour beets on salad

Sauerkraut is almost as healthy as sauerkraut, but is much rarer on the table. Whether you mix it, for example, with boiled beans or boiled meat, you have already richly rounded out the meal.

Olive oil with spices

Do you like aromatherapy? Olive oil will serve as a medium for capturing the flavors, aromas and colors of herbs, and the possibilities of application are numerous: sprinkle it on pasta, salad, fish dishes…

Noodles with broccoli

This is a vegetarian and light, albeit a bit nostalgic, dish of the new cuisine, which in the last decade, along with other foods, has rediscovered a very old vegetable - broccoli.

Fine chickpea spread

A phenomenally good chickpea spread is a dish you must fall in love with! Fresh, juicy, awakening aromas of hummus are part of Arabic cuisine, and were originally served as a dip for hot cakes. Be sure to try it!

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Stuffed tomatoes

Choose a dozen smaller, harder tomatoes and prepare an imaginative appetizer! For the filling, reach for a healthy cereal, rye, which needs to be cooked beforehand. Season with fresh herbs and garnish with parsley leaves.

Quick pasta from the wok

Wok pasta is ready in the blink of an eye! A few vegetables for health and variety, a short heat treatment, a lot of love - and that's it - spring lunch is ready!

Beefsteak with red grapefruit salad

For all meat lovers, steak is a choice I can’t resist. Season the simple and quick preparation of this dish with an unusual red grapefruit salad and enjoy the combination for true gourmets.

Stuffed strudel

The best things are often wrapped in very simple packaging. So it is with stuffed strudel, whose only ingredients are “Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms” and mozzarella. Simple, delicious and done in the blink of an eye.

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Mustard with peppers

This dish will be more interesting if you use peppers of different colors - red, yellow, green…

Black radish salad

Black radish is a medicinal sister of the more sympathetic red radish. It has a characteristic sharp smell and spicy taste, stimulates the appetite, so it is good to eat it before the main meal. Finely grate it and eat immediately after preparation.

Dodo salad

The extinct bird Dodo ate only fruit, so it could not be persuaded to this salad, unlike us, lovers of vegetables and pasta. Spiral fussili pasta is great for cold salads with a light topping.

Warm cabbage salad

This unusual dish belongs to Irish cuisine. The combination of cabbage and bacon is quite ordinary, when cheese, wine and mustard would not be mixed here… Arrange it, for example, for Saint Patrick’s day if there is no opportunity before that.

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Dumplings with fruit sauce

Dumplings, the recipe we suggest, can be called a child's joy, but even adults can't resist them. So we’re more than sure that sweet dumplings stuffed with plums are on your list of favorite dishes.

Crustada with mixed fruit

Pies made of sprinkled dough and fruit as a filling are a favorite everyday dessert in many kitchens. With a thin dough just underneath, which holds fruit like a mold, extremely refined like this, they can also replace a fruit cake on some occasions.

Tiramisu in a glass

In recent decades, the Italian delicacy tiramisu has conquered the world. Although it is usually shaped into cubes, it does not lose its taste even elegantly served in a glass.

Pancakes with cheese

These pancakes are usually called Croatian because the Croatian continental regions simply adore them.

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Red wine with lemon

Refresh the strong character of red wine with the juice of freshly squeezed lemon. Vary the temperature of this interesting drink according to the seasons: keep warm in winter and cool back in summer!


Wine cream is especially popular in countries with a high wine culture. So the French have sabayon, the Italians zabaione, the Germans Weinschaumsauce, the Austrians Weinchaudeau, while in our country they call it chateau and shodo.


A glass of orange juice, a tropic of fruit syrup and crushed ice will cool you down and refresh you during the summer heat. Cinderessa is best when sipped slowly while resting on a lounger in thick shade.

Strawberry milkshake

Strawberry flavors from ice cream and toppings mixed with sweet cream and milk found themselves in a winning combination in which all strawberry fans triumph. Pass the sparkling drink through a straw to your palate and indulge in a special treat.

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