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Bread soup

Don't let the name fool you that this is a completely monotonous soup. Plums, lemon and orange jam have been added to this Icelandic variant, so the taste must be truly unexpected.

Mushroom and rhubarb soup

We have combined the rich meaty taste of mushrooms and the sour taste of rhubarb into a creamy soup that is easy to prepare, and its refreshing taste will delight you. With less rhubarb and more cream you will alleviate the acidity and dose it according to your taste.

Cream of tomato soup in the Mexican way

This soup is the opposite of its name - at least it is a soup, and much more a real fireworks of taste and color. Prepare it for someone you really want to leave you breathless!

fish soup

If you have more fish, leave the pieces in the soup, and you can serve larger and nicer pieces on their own, with vegetables. After the soup.

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Main courses

Moroccan lamb soup

Lamb soup is not so domesticated in our region, but it is traditionally eaten in Morocco. Prepare it with the addition of cabbage, chickpeas and lentils, and saffron and ginger spices are unavoidable.

Macaroni with arugula

Ligurian cuisine makes its pasta varied and inspiring. Arugula, a favorite green of the new Italian cuisine grown as early as Roman times, and the whole Mediterranean, young leaves of riga loves to salad. Why not try it in a new way?

Chicken with zucchini

Light chicken and even lighter zucchini prepared in a wok will make it irresistible and give you a feeling of pleasant satiety. Let rice be a side dish with chicken and zucchini, and let wine be on the table.

Rice balls with salmon

If you like sushi, you will also like this dish: the ingredients are similar, but instead of wrapping it in seaweed, the mixture is shaped into balls and placed on a piece of smoked salmon. Serve the balls as an appetizer.

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Side dish

Baked macaroni with cheese and mushrooms

For lovers of pasta and dishes from the oven, this dish will enter the permanent menu: seemingly common, it will be revealed to the unusual.

Pea stew

Pea stew is remembered by most of us as a dish from childhood, but it is not out of place to repeat the material once more before embarking on evoking memories. Healthy, home-made and filling - all in one go!

Eggplant and zucchini rolls

Eggplants and zucchini, available almost all year round, are a great complement to grilled meat. If you make rolls out of them, they become the main dish.

Stuffed zucchini

Turkish cuisine masterfully uses spices, and for those who once find themselves in the colorful and rich offer of the Egyptian or Egyptian market in Istanbul, there are really new possibilities of combinations of spices with garlic, pepper, dill, cloves klin

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Chicken with mushrooms and vegetables

For all chicken and mushroom lovers, here is another interesting recipe. All ingredients are available year-round so there’s no reason not to try it as soon as you read it. The smell of mushrooms will be hard to resist…

Puff pastry snails

With pleasant salty pastries from your own oven, pleasantly surprise your family, friends and yourself.

Baked pears

Unannounced guests are a great reason for an extraordinary treat with fine snacks. Informal socializing with bread rolls complemented by tomato sauce with olives and mozzarella, with the inevitable wine or beer, has a great chance to turn into a weekly ritual.

Scorpionfish in fennel sauce

No matter how good connoisseurs of fish dishes were, prepare for a real surprise whose part includes grouper, pine nuts, marsala, fennel ... Good taste!

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Cucumbers in white fennel sauce

Cucumbers and yogurt - the ideal combination. Refresh it with the addition of fennel, garlic and two types of oil, soy and olive. Serve, well chilled, as a stand-alone meal or with grilled meat.

Summer twist

The summer twist can be eaten as a lighter summer lunch, side dish or appetizer. Eating almost in the blink of an eye leaves behind a good feeling and taste that lasts a long time.

Gnocchi in green sauce

If you hear that gnocchi are “food for fools”, don’t take it personally! The name gnocchi refers to chefs who know how to cook only simple, tasteless dishes. Gnocchi are turned into a real delicacy with the help of delicious sauces!

Gourmet salad

Treat yourself to a generous bean salad, which you further enrich with ham cubes, pickles, capers, cumin, apple cider vinegar and pumpkin oil ...

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Although it is the pride of Hrvatsko Zagorje, it is also international. Pumpkins came from America, sugar is Arabic, poppy, which is sometimes added to the filling, Indo-European, and cheese, butter and cream, as in the popular tune, from Zagorje.

Peaches in a shirt

Even if it’s not peach season, that shouldn’t stop you from preparing this decorative dessert. Use compote and surprise your friends with a delicious cake on cold winter days.


Do you start the day with a spoonful of honey, meadow, acacia, heather - whatever? If you are not committed to health, maybe you are the sweetness of fragrant gingerbread?

Cherry cake

The cherries are of Turkish origin, and we will regularly find this cherry cake in Slavonian cuisine. Its decorative juicy fruits scattered on the surface of the dough are a perfect blend of refreshing summer flavor and color.

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Cranberry iced tea with apple

Combine honey and iced cranberry tea with paradise fruit and enjoy a cool refreshment.

Fit tomatoes

This invigorating drink will offer you much more than refreshment: it will prepare you for sports or dance endeavors, refresh you, give you strength and optimism. If you thought a man couldn’t get more out of a potion, we’ll reassure you.

Tea drink with cranberry and tapioca

Prepare this interesting drink with tapioca granules and agave syrup because in combination with cranberry tea it will become a real culinary puzzle.

Honey milk with cinnamon

If you've watched the last show on TV and counted all the sheep, and sleep is out of nowhere, reach for a glass of a sweet drink to quickly fall asleep: milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that has a hypnotic effect on people…

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