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A bee egg

A bee egg

one idea for a more colorful Easter

Albino eggs

... an idea from the net ... for those of us who don't have the opportunity to buy perfectly white eggs ...

A wreath of twisted Easter strudel

For years, I have traditionally prepared a braid of sweet dough (millibrod or kozinjak) for Easter and definitely strudels with poppy, walnut or carob filling. This year I made strudels with poppy seeds and walnuts in the shape of a wreath and it turned out fantastic. It looks very decorative and the taste ...... of the intertwined aromas of walnut, cinnamon, poppy, lemon peel, vanilla ... all in one ... a real fantasy!

Big Easter eggs

This is how we decorated our corner. A little will and a little more time ... Enjoyment for the children. Thanks to Seki for the "recipe"!

Bird's Nests

Looking for an original and delicious Easter idea? I have a solution for you :) These chocolate coconut Macaroons in the shape of a nest or basket, filled with chocolate Ganas cream and decorated with pastel mini chocolate eggs will delight your guests, especially the youngest ones.

Boiled egg salad

We all have some combination on this topic, especially in the spring. This is my combination in the middle of winter.



This braid requires a bit more effort in preparation, but so are the results. It has a fine filling of almonds and hazelnuts, smells of vanilla and cinnamon, is flavored with amaretto, and its coating is made of jam.

Brilliant eggs by Mira

There is still time to make flashy eggs that will perfectly decorate a pinica, a braid… .....


Bunny-shaped biscuits ideal for the upcoming holiday ... interesting and delicious ... made of crispy dough with chocolate eggs hidden inside.

Bunny, chickens, wreaths

Puff pastry cakes that will beautify your holiday table…

Bunny - pastry

Whenever I think of a rabbit, I have a picture of a frightened white rabbit in front of my eyes… that's why I adapted this cake I make every year for Easter to my imaginary picture… snow-white, soft and so tender.

Bunny Pinica

Easter cake in the shape of a little bunny. Simply prepare the dough for the mold of rabbits, hens, eggs… .............

Cake coasters are also possible

Another simple but interesting idea

Carp eggs with wax

My favorite egg painting technique. It may seem difficult to you, but it is not as difficult as it seems. My mom always painted eggs like this and I learned that from her. Every year, I look forward to when Easter approaches and the eggs start to be painted, the two of us paint and enjoy it by inventing new and repeating old patterns!

Carp eggs with wax

An easy process of “painting” eggs that I LOVE

Carrot cake

Juicy, tasty, children adore it, and of course my husband likes to eat it with coffee. If you like carrot cakes, you should definitely try this recipe.