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A bee egg

one idea for a more colorful Easter

A bee egg

Preparation steps

  • BEE EGG Simply interesting and very decorative. Materials needed to make: copper wire, black insulating tape, sharp scissors, solid transparent foil, waterproof yellow marker, stained glass drawing gel, eggs, self-adhesive eyes or black and white tempera as a replacement
  • Method of production: -We cut the insulating tape longitudinally and divide it into two thinner parts of the length of the egg circumference, three strips for each egg. -Fold the foil in half and cut out the shape of the wing in a connected pair, make a cut in the bottom of the wing with a sharp scalper. -Glue the insulating tape to the middle of the egg, pulling it to stick nicely to the surface of the egg, carefully pull the insulating tape through the cut we made on the wings and thus fasten the wings to the egg. -In the same way, we apply the other two adhesive tapes at equal distances from the central tape. -Paint the space between the strips in yellow with a waterproof yellow marker. - We glue the eyes to the wider end of the egg. -We make antennas from copper wire, twist one end with tweezers in a spiral and bend the other end at a right angle and prick under the insulating tape above the eyes. -Play the wings with stained glass gel and leave it for a few hours for the gel to dry and become transparent. Eggs prepared in this way can serve as a cheerful Easter table decoration.


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