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BULGURLU KÖFTE (bulgur gnocchi)

Another Turkish recipe, delicious, simple and healthy.

Preparation steps

  • Make gnocchi dough: Put the bulgur in a bowl. Pour the bulgur with lukewarm water and leave for an hour for the bulgur to absorb. When the bulgur has absorbed all the water and softened, put it in a bowl, add the flour and knead the dough.
  • Put a jar of gnocchi with cold water next to you before you go, shape the rolls with wet hands and cut them like gnocchi, I worked a little bigger, as a rule, small gnocchi are made, I leave that to everyone. Just remember that bigger joki cook longer.
  • Put enough water in a pot and let it boil, add salt. Cook the gnocchi for about 10-15 minutes. Remove them, drain and put in a bowl with a little butter.
  • Pour the gnocchi over the dolmades sauce. Serve warm topped with yogurt and chopped parsley.


bulgur bulgurrr polpette

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