Rosa Cooking

Bulgur the Syrian way

A wonderful side dish or main course according to the recipe of my friend from Syria

Preparation steps

  • Cook the lentils in salted water (as an alternative, you can also use boiled lentils from a can).
  • Fry the bulgur in a little oil for 3-4 minutes. Add water as needed and a soup cube and cook the bulgur (the way you cook rice).
  • Add lentils, olive oil and spices to taste to the cooked bulgur and mix everything well.
  • Cut the onion into thin strips and fry in oil. Add a lot of pepper to the onion. Add fried onions to the top of the bulgur.


This stew is extremely healthy and nutritious. It goes well with a seasonal salad with the addition of parsley and feta cheese, but also with stewed beef.



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We suggest that you definitely prepare this combination of bulgur pilaf with apricots and pine nuts, because everyone who tries it enjoys its great taste. Serve with chicken fillet, and you can replace apricots with raisins or sliced ​​dates.

Bulgur porridge

Bulgur - boiled, dried, peeled and coarsely ground wheat grains - should be soft, grainy and loose when cooked. If you eat it for breakfast, its excellent nutritional values ​​will accompany you throughout the day.

Bulgur with tomatoes

For all those to whom bulgur is still unknown, it is partially cooked, dried and coarsely ground wheat. This low-calorie dish with the addition of tomatoes is a friend when we can't cook for a long time, but also an ally of a healthy lifestyle.

Salad with bulgur, corn and tomato

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Veal and bulgur with zucchini and apples

Excellent veal steaks will get a whole new flavor when served in combination with zucchini, apples, sweet cinnamon and bulgur. New flavors will definitely conquer your kitchen.