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Another Kurdish flatbread

I hope you didn't get bored :-)

Barbecue buns

Well, these are already for those who have little practice :-). Perforated, soft, tasty, real barbecue and yet it doesn't take a lot of skill to make

Bathura (fried cakes)

These delicious and filling cakes are often part of an Indian breakfast. They are eaten with stewed vegetables instead of rice, and are part of the famous dish "cholay bathura" (stewed chickpeas with cakes).

Bosnian buns

I know that there are a lot of recipes on the topic of buns, but this recipe should not be neglected, which will delight even a very demanding taster :)

Bosnian flatbread

Since I wrote yesterday about a traditional appetizer served with flatbread, today I am writing you a recipe for flatbread.

Bosnian flatbreads

Even when I lived in Bosnia, I always had flatbreads in the freezer, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Belgrade, so with a little warm-up they were like from a bakery. So even now, I always make more of them, so I freeze… ..and with cevapcice they are the best…

Bread with honey and herbs

/ there are a lot of recipes for bread here is one of mine, the cake is fragrant and sweet

Bun / flatbread for kebabs

My preparation of a bun in my own home, although a bun is very difficult to prepare without a bakery oven. Attached link for preparation with video!

Bun pizza

Very fast pizza from stale buns. The ingredients are put just like that, I always make pizza from what I have in the fridge ... Very fast breakfast.


Delicious, light, airy..ideal for cevape or delicious sandwiches….

Chevapi would be greasy

A very simple priptema of čevap that at least to me taste really great

Fast buns / flatbreads

Easy and fast preparation ...

Fast flatbreads

First of all, let me emphasize that I know that there are better and more "original" recipes, but I thought a bit and decided to put this one of my own, which I would say "tailor-made" and "quick" way. the hair on their heads rises, when they explain to them how they should add flour or water until they feel it at hand :-).

Fast, softest somoon (Flat bread from a pan)

Lovely, soft and very fast to make ...

Fladen brot

Our favorite buns

Flatbread for guss

I used to put recipes for Kurdish flatbreads, and this is another fine bread that is prepared a little differently, and is usually made for guss, but in my house it is also made for everyday use :-)