Rosa Cooking


Delicious, light, airy..ideal for cevape or delicious sandwiches….

Preparation steps

  • In lukewarm water, dissolve the yeast with a tablespoon of flour and sugar and let it rise
  • Mix the flour with the salt, then add the yoghurt, oil and the remaining yeast and knead a smooth dough.
  • Coat it with oil, cover and leave to warm to double in volume
  • Divide the dough into 6 balls and press each round a little more round to spread it a little and stretch it a little with your fingers
  • Arrange them in a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes


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Bread sandwich

Bread sandwich

From the dough for this bread, you can also form long narrow loaves "French", with the obligatory oblique notches on the surface, and from sliced ​​slices prepare various small sandwiches - a saving solution for the sudden arrival of guests!

Cakes with greaves

Cakes with greaves

Every year, at the time of slaughter, in addition to sausages and other meat specialties, greaves also become popular. Cracker cakes are a specialty of the pub, and crackling dishes are also typical for Ukrainian cuisine. Cakes with greaves.

Crispy walnut

The crispy dough clung to the rich, aromatic filling of walnuts and spices. It’s handy that you can also freeze it - when you take it out, it will be fresh and still crispy.

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Jam pads

The old recipe for nostalgic jam pads is taken from an old, yellowed cookbook in which each recipe has been tried hundreds of times. They withstood the test of time without difficulty. And maybe today, with jam, they are even better?

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The birthday party is an opportunity for the sautees with pate to shine in full splendor! Just three groceries, a serrated bread knife and a safe hand are enough, and a sense of symmetry will not be out of place!