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Esterhazy cake

Not even the smallest gastronomic literature left a trace that left us "their" cake from the numerous members of the famous Esterhazy family. The specificity of the cake is that the dough is without any flour, and is covered with a network of characteristic decoration.

Preparation steps

  • Beat the egg whites until stiff, then add the peeled ground roasted almonds and sugar. From this mixture, bake (dry) 6-7 round sheets (Ø 24 cm) of golden-yellow wafer.
  • Mixthecorn starch with a little cold milk, then add it to the remaining milk along with the sugar and egg yolks, and vanilla sugar. Steam, cook stirring constantly, then cool the cream.
  • Whisk the butter until foamy, then add it spoon by spoon to the cooled cream. Stuff the baked and cooled leaves, and coat the top sheet of the wafer with white sugar (lemon) glaze. To achieve a nicer look, use an even warmer glaze.


Fill a paper sleeve with chocolate glaze, and starting from the middle, draw circles and then bows, which you will make by drawing lines from the middle to the edge of the cake with the back of a knife.


After shaping, the meringues can be baked (dried) at 100 ° C for at least 60 minutes. The bark can also be dried at 60 ° C for several hours, and it is best to dry them overnight at temperatures below 50 ° C.


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