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Bonsai cake

Hazelnut cake, vanilla cream and coffee-flavored chocolate cream.

Preparation steps

  • The recipe for tuile paste with green tea is here Tuile paste spread on silpat mat or baking paper using a stencil as desired (you can also make sare with a cake comb), put silpat on the grill (otherwise it is flexible so it needs something firm underneath, I have a grid more convenient than an upside-down tray which is usually recommended) and place in the fridge to tighten the tuile so that it does not smudge when the biscuit mixture is spread.
  • Biscuit 1. Whisk solid egg whites. Whisk the egg yolks, sugar, whole egg and vanilla aroma, mix in the hazelnuts and flour, then add a couple of tablespoons of egg whites, and then turn the egg yolk mass into a bowl with the egg whites and mix carefully. Arrange over the cooled tuile paste and bake in an oven preheated to about 190 degrees. Bake very short and be careful not to overcook because then it is less pliable. The finished biscuit looks like this. Brush with a little melted butter to make it even more pliable.
  • Place a square hoop wrapped in clear plastic wrap on the cake plate. From the biscuit, cut one strip for the sides (it is best to connect at the corners). put the rest of the biscuit on the bottom, sprinkle a little with the mixture of medicine and Baileys (this biscuit is quite soft). This part on the side is best done with a lukewarm biscuit, if it cools down completely it can crack.
  • Biscuit 2: Beat egg whites with sugar, and then mix in the stock, cocoa and hazelnuts. Arrange on baking paper and bake at about 160 degrees.
  • Creams: Whisk egg yolks, sugar, and thickener with a little cold milk. put the rest of the milk to boil with the aroma of vanilla, then cook the thick cream. Mix butter into the cream and mix until it melts. Set aside one-third, mix the chocolate into cubes and mix until melted.
  • To coat the biscuits under the chocolate cream with a little coffee flavor, stir the nutella with hazelnut jam 1: 1 to spread nicely (if you don't have it, just warm the nutella a little so that it can spread nicely), purely to contrast the worse coffee cream and chocolate.
  • Spread the nutella coating on the first layer of the biscuit and spread the dark cream, then put the dark biscuit soaked in milk and Baileys (this one is harder and definitely needs to be soaked, biscuit 1 is soft enough so it doesn't have to, but the bastard likes Bailey's), then put the cream from vanilla, then biscuit, spread and cream with chocolate. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours, then carefully remove the hoop.
  • Instructions for making wisteria bonsai are here. Insert a flower pick in the center of the cake, if you don't have one, wrap the wire of bonsai wood with transparent foil. Insert the wood into the flower pick and spread coconut mixed with green tea powder on the top surface, and the cake is ready


cake chocolate decorations hazel

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