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Bear's onion spread

Sephia and anka-1955 infected us (but did not poison us) with bear onions, and yesterday we received a shipment of fresh bear onions from Tihovo, a picturesque village near Delnice. Along with the beautiful leaves, several seedlings with roots arrived, so we will try to "infect" the surroundings of our cottage. We also received an interesting recipe for a spread of bear onion, walnuts and grated cheese, from Greta from Tihov, who lives and works in Germany. Our daughter-in-law Mira does this prayer and her grandchildren love it very much. We couldn’t resist so we immediately, with her assistance, prepared it in our kitchen and were thrilled with it. According to the old and good cool custom, there are no secrets and this recipe is now available to all of you who want to enrich your diet with medicinal and lesser-known plants.

Preparation steps

  • Collect bear's onion leaves, taking care not to pick similar leaves by mistake. These leaves are defended in mid-May in Gorski Kotar.
  • For bear onion leaves, be sure to cut off the part with the stalk.
  • Prepare all ingredients. Wash, drain and slice the bear's onion leaves and roughly slice the walnuts.
  • Put all the ingredients in a mixer and add a little olive oil. While mixing, add a little more oil as needed.
  • Towards the end of mixing, add salt and pepper to taste, and there are also possible variations such as adding a cube of cheese spread or some other soluble cheese.
  • Put the finished spread in a closed container and put it in the fridge to let the flavors permeate and then use it as a spread on bread or toast.
  • To this recipe I have to add a very useful link to an article about bear onion, which the author anka-1955 puts in all her recipes related to this medicinal plant. In one comment I saw a link about a very similar recipe but called pesto, so let that be noted here as well.


spreads sremus srijemus

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