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# sremus

Bear onion and chives quiche

Although I originally planned to make bear onion soup like Sephia, I changed my mind at the last minute and didn’t regret it. Along with the salad this was a complete meal.

Bear onion gnocchi

In the spring, we have so much in nature that we can use and enrich our kitchen, so with the help of bear onions, I made these wonderful gnocchi that you may also like ...

Bear onion pesto


Bear onion sauce

This is a recipe from Medicinal Herbs magazine

Bear onion / sremus oil

We visited friends on the island of Zealand, where the capital of Denmark - Copenhagen. We went for a walk and in the beautiful, green expanse of the forest, through which the promenade passes, I saw this wonderful plant that I have been looking for all spring. But without success. There was no end to my happiness. That's when I least hoped, I came to this green treasure. Upon arrival home, I immediately made this oil, wonderful, green color, then pesto which has a fantastic taste and of course spicy salt, which is extremely aromatic .. Take everything that nature gives you, with great respect and gratitude for such great abundance that us surrounds, at almost every turn. Let's get closer to nature, the environment and get to know everything that grows useful at our fingertips.

Bear onion / srijemusa speckles

Very fine specle. For girls from Split, bear onions have to buy in Interspara / domestic production / eco product, the price is affordable.

Bear salad

It's not for bears, but I don't know what my neighbor Amalia associated with me, so she brought me a bear onion from the slopes of Majevica: D ... however, I ate it, but ate it :)

Bear's hummus

it’s time for a bear onion

Bear's onion butter

150 g butter = 6 kuna, 2 tablespoons mustard = 2 kuna, 2 tablespoons walnuts = 3 kuna, make a spread to your liking = INVALUABLE!

Bear's onion cheese spread

Here is a spring mama of onion (srijemuša) ..

Bear's onion cream soup

According to the recipe of Branimir Tomašić - restaurant Mala hiža (Međimurje)

Bear's onion salt

A real green refreshment for both the eye and the palate

Bear's onion spread

Sephia and anka-1955 infected us (but did not poison us) with bear onions, and yesterday we received a shipment of fresh bear onions from Tihovo, a picturesque village near Delnice. Along with the beautiful leaves, several seedlings with roots arrived, so we will try to "infect" the surroundings of our cottage. We also received an interesting recipe for a spread of bear onion, walnuts and grated cheese, from Greta from Tihov, who lives and works in Germany. Our daughter-in-law Mira does this prayer and her grandchildren love it very much. We couldn’t resist so we immediately, with her assistance, prepared it in our kitchen and were thrilled with it. According to the old and good cool custom, there are no secrets and this recipe is now available to all of you who want to enrich your diet with medicinal and lesser-known plants.

Bear's onion spread ♥

Delicious and bear onion spread with cream cheese Great as a spread on bread, toast, toast and crackers or with fresh vegetables as an addition!

Bend with spinach

Since this is my "wild period", this strudel was with wild onions this time, and of course you can work with chard, and everything else remains the same.

Braid with cheese and sremus

Delicious bread rolls for breakfast with yogurt, or with a fine lunch soup - which needs nothing but this rich braid.