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Bear onion gnocchi

In the spring, we have so much in nature that we can use and enrich our kitchen, so with the help of bear onions, I made these wonderful gnocchi that you may also like ...

Bear onion salad

simple salad with potatoes, feta cheese ... with the addition of bear onion, which is great for spring cleansing of the body ...

Bear onion sauce

This is a recipe from Medicinal Herbs magazine

Bear salad

It's not for bears, but I don't know what my neighbor Amalia associated with me, so she brought me a bear onion from the slopes of Majevica: D ... however, I ate it, but ate it :)

Bear's onion butter

150 g butter = 6 kuna, 2 tablespoons mustard = 2 kuna, 2 tablespoons walnuts = 3 kuna, make a spread to your liking = INVALUABLE!

Bear's onion cream soup

According to the recipe of Branimir Tomašić - restaurant Mala hiža (Međimurje)

Bear's onion salt

A real green refreshment for both the eye and the palate

Bear's onion spread

I love onions. I love onions of all kinds. I love the simplicity, sweetness and spiciness of the versatile red onion that enriches soups, stews, without which the real goulash, soup or sarma is unthinkable, which is an ingredient of classics and is found on plates around the world as an everyday serious native of any kitchen. I love purple onions, milder in flavor and freshness ideal for pickling and salads. I love the young onion, which makes the most ordinary dishes spectacular and special, which heralds spring and solemnly and traditionally celebrates the Easter holidays. I also like garlic, of course, or garlic. I simply adore him in all ways and in everything. An all-time classic. I also love chives, which, like some little ticklish imitator of the sweetness and anger of their relatives, look forward to spring. And I also love bear or wild onion. The forest onion, and its season is just this short time of the beginning of spring, another true king of the onion family and a harbing

Bear's onion spread

Sephia and anka-1955 infected us (but did not poison us) with bear onions, and yesterday we received a shipment of fresh bear onions from Tihovo, a picturesque village near Delnice. Along with the beautiful leaves, several seedlings with roots arrived, so we will try to "infect" the surroundings of our cottage. We also received an interesting recipe for a spread of bear onion, walnuts and grated cheese, from Greta from Tihov, who lives and works in Germany. Our daughter-in-law Mira does this prayer and her grandchildren love it very much. We couldn’t resist so we immediately, with her assistance, prepared it in our kitchen and were thrilled with it. According to the old and good cool custom, there are no secrets and this recipe is now available to all of you who want to enrich your diet with medicinal and lesser-known plants.

Bread with bear onion ♥

Bread with bear onion (leaves) has a special flavor, but some cool friends tried it last spring at a gathering in Ravnice and this fall at a cool dinner for my generation ♥ and on a barter with frozen srijemusa or bear onion ☼ ♥ ♪ ♫.

Burgers with vegetables and srijemusa

Great !!!

Butter with sremush

I've read a lot about how best to preserve sremush for a long time, there aren't many ways, but there are several. I made one part with butter and you can use it in various ways; spread on bread, put over cooked steamed vegetables, on a piece of grilled meat, in pasta and as you like ... this was an ideal breakfast for me on a piece of warm homemade bread.

Cakes with wild onions

the recipe should have been on this site a long time ago

* Cake with bear onion and smoked fish *

Beautiful, effective and delicious salty cake, for the holiday table ....

Corn feta tart

This delicious vegetable tart combines a menu of super-expensive ingredients: corn flour and feta cheese.

Corn frittata with sremus