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Octopus under the baking sheet

Simple recipe, small number of ingredients and proven good !!!

Preparation steps

  • If necessary, clean the previously frozen octopus and be sure to wash it. Oil a baking sheet, arrange potatoes, octopus, carrots into pieces, onion cut into several pieces and cover everything with white wine.
  • Cover the pan with the grill and bake for about 30 minutes, then look at the condition and try the toch made by the octopus, then add salt and pepper as desired and continue baking for another 15 minutes.


The procedure is the same for the oven, in which case the sheet should be covered with aluminum foil, and the procedure is the same.


bake cephalopods honeycomb octopus

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Double marinated octopus on the grill

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For a change, as a cold appetizer, offer your guests an octopus salad the Peruvian way. Instead of balsamic vinegar there is lime juice with the addition of mayonnaise. Add quality olive oil, black olives and freshly chopped parsley to everything. Recommendation: prepare the day before, to get the best taste.

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If you are lucky enough to see an octopus, a cephalopod that brings a lot of gourmet happiness and pleasure, in the sea, it could surprise you with its chameleon show and changing colors. On the plate, the surprise and happiness is even greater.