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Bosanski lokumi ..

... why buy them when you can save them homemade ...

Bosnian lokum

The recipe is old, it is in my old and first course with my favorite recipes ..... I did not intend to write a recipe, but at the request of BIBERCESERCE ... I publish it: D

Bosnian lokum

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful recipes for Bosnian lokum ... It is made simply and quickly, without eggs and milk, which means that their shelf life is much longer ...

Bosnian lokum

Wonderful, crispy biscuits that just can’t resist!

Bosnian lokumi

according to the recipe of my liver and since when did she get it, I don't know only one thing I know it melts in my mouth….

Bosnian lokumi

When life offers you flour, sugar and butter make you lokum!

Bosnian lokumi

I got this recipe last week from a friend of mine who lives in the U.S.A.I made them today and they are just great.

Bosnian lokumi

Recipe from my grandmother who knows how old… It melts in your mouth, the longer they last the better :-)

Bosnian lokumi

with coffee .....

Bosnian lokumi

Sweet Bosnian lokums that simply melt in your mouth, wrapped in that plastic foil and on the sides of the red sara as if the pattern had been stolen from some old woven rug, gladly reminds me of my childhood. If you also like Bosnian lokums, here's your chance to make them yourself. This is a very good replica of those from the store. Those who serve them will not notice that they are "homemade" :) I got the recipe from my aunt Jasmine and I am happy to share it with you because it is really tasty. :)

BOSNIAN lokumi with walnuts

Tiny cookies that melt in your mouth….

Bosnian lokum with a little coconut

These lokums ARE with coconut, but with only 100 g of coconut flour in 2 pans of lokum, so it can be eaten by those who do not like coconut because it does not stand out but blends nicely with other flavors. I made them especially for my dear, yes has homemade lokum with coffee

* crispy lokumcici *

..otherwise I don't like lokum .. but these thrilled me .. you sure haven't tried them by now .. they melt in your mouth ..

Homemade Turkish delight

I copied the recipe from the net, so it's probably six or seven years old, maybe even from coolka. Since then, I've only made lokuma based on it. This good recipe stays hidden, I didn't change anything, I just added some nuts, and even without them it's great. If someone recognizes their own or knows whose it is, just call me ... to the fragility and beauty of this dessert!


I don't even know the name of this recipe. I named it after a dear woman, my former neighbor, who gave it to me. If you have a family of diabetics, some diabetic filling can be used as there is no sugar in the dough.

Linjo biscuits

This is the name by which I know these cookies, although my sweetheart says they are more like lokum to him .... it's something I used to make with my mom when I was little ... and while making them I remember my late grandfather, I brought him the cakes I made, and the cakes all fell apart. and he praises them for being good !! eee tactics of our ancestors !!