Rosa Cooking

Bosnian lokum with a little coconut

These lokums ARE with coconut, but with only 100 g of coconut flour in 2 pans of lokum, so it can be eaten by those who do not like coconut because it does not stand out but blends nicely with other flavors. I made them especially for my dear, yes has homemade lokum with coffee

Preparation steps

  • - first mix the sour cream and oil, add the butter that you previously softened at room temperature and sugar, and mix well with a mixer ... - add coconut flour and half a kilogram of flour that you mixed with baking powder ... - change the mixer attachments and put the spiral ones, for the dough ... - you gradually add the rest of the flour, not more than a kilo in total ... to get a firm dry dough that you will knead further with your hands because your hands will melt the butter and it will knead finely (it breaks, but it doesn't matter ) - divide the dough into 8 balls the size of a fist - shape one ball at a time like a snake and flatten it to get a thin rectangle ... cut out equal parts from each rectangle with a knife to get 13 pieces from each ball / rectangle ... - roll each piece hands into a ball, roll like plasticine and shape the lokums roughly like kebabs, one finger wide, about 3 cm long - put baking paper on the baking trays and coat it with a brush dipped in oil - arrange the lokum e with a distance of half a cm, can be a little smaller distance - bake each pan separately, for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius ... when they begin to slightly lose their white color, wait a few minutes and take out - warm roll them in powdered sugar and line up in a box in which you will store them (plastic or metal) - does not contain eggs and milk, can stand for a long time and is great with coffee and tea