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Bosnian lokumi

Sweet Bosnian lokums that simply melt in your mouth, wrapped in that plastic foil and on the sides of the red sara as if the pattern had been stolen from some old woven rug, gladly reminds me of my childhood. If you also like Bosnian lokums, here's your chance to make them yourself. This is a very good replica of those from the store. Those who serve them will not notice that they are "homemade" :) I got the recipe from my aunt Jasmine and I am happy to share it with you because it is really tasty. :)

Preparation steps

  • Make the dough well and make lokums the thickness and size of a finger. Stack them next to each other. Before that, preheat the oven to a higher temperature. Then put the Turkish delight to bake for 5-7 minutes. Then turn off the bakery and let the lokums dry for another hour. Baked but lukewarm roll in powdered sugar.
  • Pleasant :)


bosnia fasting keksiciii lokumi

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