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Cake with cherries and wafers

This is a cake that is not baked, beautiful, refreshing, really summer .. ♥

Preparation steps

  • Rub the wafers on the grater, add margarine and oil.
  • Mix well and coat the 26cm diameter cake ring with oil.
  • We put baking paper in the shape of a cake and put the mixture on it.
  • Press with your fingers to form a cake. Leave in the fridge to set.
  • For the cream, first soften the gelatin, as it says on the bag.
  • Heat the cherry juice (from the compote) to which you add lemon juice and sugar
  • Melt the gelatin in the juice and remove from the stove and leave to cool.
  • Before the cream hardens, add the fruit yogurt and stir.
  • Mix the whipping cream with a mixer and mix it into the cream.
  • Cut the wafers into cubes and mix into the cream.
  • Add the cherries and mix everything well.
  • Arrange half of the cream on the crust, dip the plasma biscuit in the remaining cherry juice.
  • Put the plasma and the other part of the cream. Leave one part to decorate the cake.
  • Keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Best overnight.
  • The next day, carefully pull the baking paper out from under the cake and remove the cake ring. AND ENJOY THE CAKE !!


I have to write that I didn't wait long to try it, after 3 hours I ate it. The cake is ideal for summer, refreshing and sour taste like ice cream !!


cake cherries fruit tina vocna wafers

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