Rosa Cooking

Cake of the goddess Argante

"it was a Celtic goddess who, as legend has it, healed King Arthur's wounds with her healthy foods and spices" - this goddess / recipe from "Christmas Cakes" bothered me a lot

Preparation steps

  • Using a mixer, froth the egg whites and half the amount of sugar. Lightly mix the remaining sugar, ground almonds and flour. Arrange in two molds with a diameter of 21 cm and bake at 160 C until the biscuit turns golden yellow. For the cream, boil sweet cream, butter and glucose. chocolate and continue to mix until it melts. For Swiss maringue cream, mix the egg whites and sugar on a steamer until the mixture heats up and thickens a bit, then add the drained and dissolved gelatin. Stir until it cools, then slowly add to the previously prepared cream. of sweet cream for decoration.Put in the mold meringue peel, then part of the cream, whipped cream, meringue cream, whipped cream.Cool well.


This is an original recipe all except 25 dag of butter which I added because the cream was a little too thin for me. After that the cream came a nice creamy one, which is why I was a little sad but not anymore because the cake is great.



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