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Cake decorations, clivia

This decoration was inspired by Mema's beautiful flower, which I really liked, so I tried to make it out of rubber. Amaryllis can be made in a similar way, there is only a small difference in the shape of the petals, for amaryllis they are more silty. And of course the colors are different.

Preparation steps

  • For the buds, shape the bud, put it on a wire bent into a hook, make three notches like petals, and wrap the wire and the lower part of the bud with green floral ribbon. Allow to dry.
  • For the flowers, attach the anthers and pestle to the green flower wire (it should protrude slightly above the anthers, and both should be thin and bent) with yellow floral tape. Shape a bowl of creamy gum, hollow out the middle, spread the lower part with your fingers and put it on a non-stick mat, cut three petals and separate them. Separately, roll out a little gummy and cut three more petals, and place them over the previously prepared three so that they do not match, and press in the middle. Put it on the wire with the anthers, fix the shape of the flower a bit and wrap the lower part and the wire with green floral tape. Let it dry, I usually stab everything into a marzipan ball, like this
  • Then paint the flowers with powder paint, yellow inside and the outer edges of the petals and the underside of the flower orange. I didn't have orange, so I mixed yellow and red from different manufacturers, and that approach, as you can see, doesn't give a very even color. When mixing colors from the same manufacturer, it is mostly OK because the grains are similar in size and mix well. For the buds, paint everything orange except the lines you have indented which should be lighter. Pass the finished flowers through steam (from a teapot or over a sickle) and let them dry, like this.
  • When the flowers are dry, bend the wires at an angle close to 90 degrees and connect one by one with a floral ribbon to get a thick stem.
  • For the base, first roll out and cut out a shape of white fondant, then mix white and blue but so that they do not merge completely, then shape some oval abstract shape in which you will stick the flower. Stick the clivia, then tuck the satin bruises on the wire and bend a few more blue wires into the bows above the flower.


alek castor sugar decorating decorations

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