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Eggs punks

Simple eggs with a punk stick hairstyle will brighten up an imaginative menu for a child’s birthday. You can also leave the "haircut" of the eggs to the kids, let them be messy and disheveled, and there can be a bald man here and there.

Preparation steps

  • Boil and peel the eggs hard, and clean, wash and slice the salad.
  • Tear the sticks into smaller pieces and dip on top of the eggs to make a hairstyle for them. For a real punk hairstyle, poke the sticks one after the other.
  • Cut the quick pretzels in half and use them as ears. Make the eyes and nose out of a piece of stick or Quickie pretzel, and make the mouth out of mini tomatoes sliced ​​in the shape of a mouth.


Place the eggs in a bowl on a base of Quicky buns or sliced ​​lettuce.


You can also add fresh spices such as parsley and dill to the "haircut" of the egg.


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