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# buhtli


fine, fragrant and soft ... they go so well on cool autumn days


A very simple and cheap cake with a phenomenal taste in combination with plum jam ća takes me back to my childhood when my grandmother made buns with homemade plum jam…


Buhti as I make them, I know there are a lot of recipes, but the girls from the group "BEGINNERS IN COOKING" were looking for a recipe, so here are buhti for all of them and for one dear boy not to think that I forgot about him.

Buns in Vanilla Sauce

An ideal time to warm up with something like this!

Buns with jam or cheese

Since I received a passing grade that as I know how to make leavened dough, that I have golden hands :) I saw that the devil took the fat, you should roll up your sleeves and accept the buns and send them to you on the air :) It is still unknown how they came to our ends, from somewhere in the west, Germany or the Czech Republic, everyone pulls to their side :) I hope that the picture of the same will light up my cheek when I put it :)

Honey buns

I came across the recipe on the website of an American flour manufacturer. It paid off to try the recipe, the buns are soft as a soul and melt in your mouth

Saffron buns with vanilla cream

Soft, fragrant buns filled with vanilla cream. Irresistible ...