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Buckwheat cheese strudel

I love buckwheat, at home we often eat it as a side dish with vegetables or in soup, even when I know all its good sides for health, I love it even more !!! Buckwheat is primarily rich in dietary fiber, rich in minerals, lowers blood sugar levels which is why it is great for diabetics, does not contain GLUTEN, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol ... and so on and so forth! I found an old cookbook at home and in it a recipe for buckwheat strudels with CHEESE! Divota, I love cheese, I love buckwheat, I added a few more spices to my liking and today we have a great side dish for lunch, and my mother later made dessert from it! Try it for sure, this is something very, very nice, and also very, very healthy!

Preparation steps

  • Sift buckwheat flour into a bowl and steam, mix well. Put the cooled dough on a board, sprinkle with wholemeal flour, place and roll out the thickest to half an inch, I recommend thinner, I am working for the first time now and I would prefer the roll to be more colorful.
  • Put a larger pot of salted water on the fire to boil. Mix all the ingredients for the filling and coat the rolled dough, sprinkle with crumbs and wrap tightly in a roll.
  • Wrap in a damp drained cloth and put to boil in boiling water for half an hour.
  • We cut the cooked roll into štruklji (I would call it roulade, but our grandmothers called štruklji =)) and serve it spicy at will or just like this! In the serving description, I will list a couple of serving ideas.


I grind flax and sunflower seeds, I left half of the sunflower seeds whole, I took 100 g of butter in a pan and fried those seeds a little. TIme I topped the strudels and I can tell you it was delicious! As a side dish or appetizer, it tastes great!


buckwheat strukle

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