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Blue Corn Pancakes (american cuisine by Tracy)

"Not everything that shines is gold, and not everything that is American is inedible!" American pancakes, actually a thicker version of our pancakes, is an integral part of Sunday breakfast-lunch, i.e. brancha. Pancakes are originally sprinkled with maple syrup. My variant uses the so-called. blue corn, the staple food of the American Indians, and instead of syrup, a mixture of honey and oranges.

Preparation steps

  • Stir in the eggs until frothy.
  • Mix all the dry ingredients and add them to the eggs. Gradually add milk.
  • Grease a small pan with butter. Bake thicker pancakes (approx. Half a centimeter), so that you immediately pour them into a hot pan, then cover and leave for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, turn it carefully and bake for another minute or so.
  • Spread butter on the hot pancake and keep it warm.
  • Heat the honey on the fire. Remove from the heat and add the orange juice and zest.
  • Serve with topping, add fresh fruit or a little cinnamon if desired.


You can use any corn flour. Blu Corn has a very strong and specific smell of corn and the pancakes are extremely unusual and delicious. It can scare the greenish color (the only complaint of my kids). From this amount I got 6 pancakes.


breakfast pancakes

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