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Baskets and other caramel decorations

Very fast and very nice decoration for cakes, pastries or for serving ice cream…

Preparation steps

  • Melt the sugar over low heat, taking care that the sugar does not turn black. As soon as it melts completely, it should be removed from the fire.
  • Wait a few seconds. With a small spoon, take a little caramel and spread it on a large soup ladle to get the look of a basket. leave to cool for a few minutes and the caramel basket is ready :-)
  • Instead of a ladle, you can use a spoon (that's how I make caramel leaves) or something else, but it has to be metal. I tried it on glass but it doesn't work…
  • Store in a dry place. If you are going to decorate a cake coated with icing, you should decorate it only a few minutes before serving, because otherwise the caramel will melt…


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