Rosa Cooking

A peasant girl

the recipe is already known from various cookbooks ...

Preparation steps

  • Cream:
  • Whisk the sugar and eggs and steam, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens. During cooking, add ground coffee and melted chocolate. Stir well-made margarine into the cooled mixture.
  • Stacking:
  • Place the wafer on the tray (I had large wafers (27x37cm) so I stacked only one row of biscuits, if you have fewer then you can have two rows of biscuits - meaning three rows of cream), coat with half the cream. Arrange the biscuits soaked in milk over the cream (you can also add a little rum to the milk). Coat the biscuits with the other half of the cream and cover with a wafer. Load the cake so that the wafers stick together nicely so that they do not separate. The next day, cover the cake with icing.


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