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Bosnian poured bread

When I tried it for the first time I just exclaimed… mmmmm… this is superrrr.This cake was made by my cousin from Macedonia who has a Bosnian husband from Goražde, and she got the recipe from her mother-in-law.

He asks the gossip

Once upon a time, women met every morning and drank coffee. So if it took longer, this would be lunch :-) I dedicate this recipe to my mother, who knew how to cook well even in difficult times.


This is your oldest model of the hub and if I make new models this one is definitely the best and cheapest….


when you no longer know what to prepare for a meal, and you need something quick, warm and simple, then I recommend this dish…


Here is another old peasant dish that Plavuscha reminded me of… The dish is quite simple and I was tempted to have pictures from before so I said to put a recipe I. Otherwise this dish is a breakfast dish in Krajina and is a real peasant food… also eats even today it is only slightly rarer…. This is how it is made in Cazin, where I lived until 2003.

Potato Koch

If you only knew how nice this is….

Potato pan

The potato field used to be considered a poor man's dish when there weren't many groceries in the house other than what they could grow themselves. They mostly had potatoes and flour, and it was necessary to feed many hungry mouths, so this dish was created. It was prepared by my grandmother, my mother and I to the great satisfaction of my children.

Pour-cast pie with potatoes

An old recipe from my mother-in-law, because she was the master of this pie, otherwise in Herzegovina it has almost become a tradition and there is no family where it is not made at least once a week!


Izlivača is a traditional Herzegovinian dish. What little was available at the time was used. Five ingredients were put in it at my mother's house: potatoes, flour, water, salt and pepper. If I was lucky, a little cheese would be added. Water and flour would be mixed into a mixture thicker than that for pancakes, and grated and spiced potatoes would be mixed in. The mixture would be poured (= pourer) into a pan and baked in a wood-fired oven. Today my mom has changed a bit, and I definitely recommend you try both

Spanish Tortilla

Let's listen to Broccoli and put a recipe available to everyone… even though I said I am a very weak cook, this is something I like to make too. So let's see… Spanish tortilla is completely different from Mexican. The original Galician tortilla contains potatoes, eggs and onions. Afterwards, there are variations and toppings that depend on personal taste, so they add green or red peppers, sausage or tuna.


Every family has its own special dishes, so my dad brought Titkuš to our house from Bosnia. I have yet to come across anyone who knows what this is all about, and although there are 2 recipes under the same name here, neither is the other. In our country, my dad did it, and now I make my husband and his people to meet the emperors of the poor Bosnian cuisine. = D


Great side dish !!!

Titkus ala Mama Zina

Traditional Livno flour and potato specialty


It tastes like burek with potatoes, but it is from the "smut pa prospi" variant :-)