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Milano cake

This is the cake I chose for my birthday celebration this year! My friend Andja told me about it, whom I thank for the recipe, and I fell in love with the cake on the first listen ... As soon as I heard the words: blanched almonds, squeezed orange juice, I knew it would be top notch! And, I wasn't wrong! Fourteen of us tried the cake, and everyone liked it!

Preparation steps

  • For this cake, the crusts are baked in the usual way, the first and second crusts are very simple, biscuit, and are prepared as usual: the egg whites are whipped with a pinch of salt, sugar is added, and the mixer is stirred for a few more minutes. Add the egg yolks and grated orange peel, and then the flour, and, together with the egg whites, combine them not with a mixer, but with a kitchen spatula, slowly and gently lifting the mixture from the bottom upwards. The crusts are baked in a cake pan (I used a 26 cm diameter mold). I always put baking paper on the bottom of the mold, and I don't lubricate the edges, so that the crust sticks to it and keeps a nice shape. In this way, pulling and shrinking the bark towards the middle is prevented. The crust is baked for about 18 minutes, at 170 degrees. Since I have two identical molds, and an oven with a fan, I baked both crusts at the same time. Lightly coat the hot peels with orange juice, I used a kitchen brush, but the juice can also be applied with a spoon. About 6 teaspoons of juice are enough for one peel.
  • The third crust has different ingredients, but it is prepared similarly: the egg whites are whipped with sugar, so the other ingredients, grated chocolate and ground almonds are slowly mixed. Bake, and even this crust while it is still warm, coat with orange juice.
  • Filling: Put 2 dl of milk to boil with a stick of vanilla, or with 2 bags of vanilla sugar, and steam 300 g of blanched ground almonds with that milk. Add a little milk, you will not need the whole amount (I have a couple of spoons left), because the mixture should remain firm and not too diluted. Allow to cool well. Whisk 250 g of butter with 250 g of powdered sugar. Add steamed almonds, and a few tablespoons of orange juice. Immediately separate a part of the filling into a bowl, to coat the cake on the side.
  • Filling the cake: Put the first yellow crust on the tray, then put a hoop from the baking tin around it. Half of the almond filling goes on the crust. Then comes the chocolate crust (brown), then the other half of the filling, and above the other yellow crust. Store the cake in the refrigerator, cool it, and only after a couple of hours remove the hoop, and coat the edges of the cake with the filling that we separated from the side.
  • Decorate the finished cake as desired. I topped it with a glaze of 150 g of chocolate and 100 g of butter, and I arranged almond decorations on it.
  • Considering that we carried the cake with us, and drove about sixty kilometers to my mother, where we barbecued and celebrated, and returned home, on a hot sunny day, I am very pleased with the picture of the cross-section, even though the almonds are stained with melted icing. ... It couldn't have been better!


bajame butter cake chocolate vip

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