Rosa Cooking


In honor of the ancient love of Empress Sissi and Emperor Francis Joseph, the small town of Bad Ischl is still visited by many tourists in search of love like that of the imperial couple. For comfort and sweet memories, they are usually left with only small sweet, chocolate-covered cookies.

Preparation steps

  • Knead the dough from flour, butter, sugar, egg yolk and cocoa. Roll out thinly and cut into small rings (3-5 cm).
  • Place on a floured baking sheet for about 13-15 minutes at 180 ° C.
  • For the cream, in a metal bowl, mix the eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar to get a frothy cream, and place on a steam bath to cook, stirring constantly, until the cream becomes thick and cooked (about 15 minutes).
  • When the cream thickens, cool it a bit, then stir in the whipped butter. Stir the cream until it cools.
  • Cool the baked rolls, coat with cream and combine two by two. Arrange them on a wire rack and pour over the chocolate glaze.


You can decorate the ishlers with a part of the cream and serve them with coffee.


Instead of this cream, you can use Cake Cream - the preparation will be shorter, and the taste will not let you down.


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Split berries are one of the Dalmatian versions of fave dei santi or fave dei morti. They are very popular, so they are also produced industrially in white, chocolate and pink, although they are also associated with the feast of All Saints.

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If you use candied lemon peel in the preparation of desserts or savory dishes, we will give you instructions for the home-made version. Get an unsprayed lemon from organic farming, wash well, peel the peel - after all, the recipe follows.

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