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Green maneštra

Manestra, manistra to the sisters is the most famous Italian soup - minestrone. These thick soups, which are a stand-alone dish, have their own summer and winter flavors, as the content depended on the season and the ingredients available.

Preparation steps

  • Boil the dried meat and drain the first water.
  • Put the meat to boil again, and especially in the boiling water, put the shrimp to a short boil. Drain and cut into wider noodles.
  • Remove the cooked meat to a plate and place the diced potatoes in the soup. When half cooked, add the boiled kale and fresh cabbage sliced ​​into wide noodles.
  • Add the mixture of chopped bacon and garlic together, and Vegeta. If necessary, pour water and cook until everything softens.
  • Separate the dried meat from the bones and cut into smaller pieces. Stir it into the maneštra and add salt and pepper if necessary.


Serve the green maneštra with homemade bread.


Raštika must be put to boil in boiling water, because otherwise it hardens.


bravetina cabbage dalmatia manestra pork rostika

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