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GIOTTO CAKE (hazelnut cake)

In short and clear who loves Giotto balls has nothing to think about making immediately, who has not tried them and nowhere to buy let him make this cake since the taste is completely istiiiiiiiiiii, fascinating, creamy, tender pleasure!

Preparation steps

  • Peels: Take wafers and crumble by hand one by one, add coarsely ground hazelnuts and divide the mixture in half. Add melted milk chocolate to the first half (I added a spoonful of milk while melting it). Mix quickly and pour into a mold with a diameter of 26 cm and press finely like a crust with your hand. The other half is made only when the cake is ready.
  • And Phil: I have Delimano in a better sickle, so I'm in it, so it has a ceramic base or a Teflon base so that it doesn't stick to you. Put butter, butter anyway, and melt over low heat until small brown spots come out (MAKE SURE THE BUTTER DOESN'T BURN !!!!), remove from the heat and when it cools slightly add 100 ml of liquid sweet sour cream, 100 g of sugar and 300 g of milk powder. Stir vigorously so that there are no lumps! While still lukewarm add the chocolate to melt finely. If it has cooled down more, feel free to return it to a low heat to melt the chocolate. Put gelatin in 1/2 dl of cold water to swell, then dissolve it and pour into the filling. Stir the filling by hand for 5 minutes to make bubbles, ie to get nice air. Pour the prepared filling over the crust and leave it in the cold while preparing the second filling, ie until it tightens a little so that the other does not fall through it.
  • Also in the same sieve (only clean :) :)) put on low heat to melt the dulce de leche, when it is finely melted, remove from the heat and add 100 g of milk chocolate, when it is finely combined, add the hazelnut paste (MUST PASTE). only ground hazelnuts. Phil doesn't have to be cold but lukewarm. Transfer it to a large plastic bowl and slowly add 900 ml of sweet liquid sour cream and stir at the highest speed until a fine thick mass is obtained. Pour the mass thus obtained over the first filling.
  • The upper "crust" The procedure is the same as with the first one, just apply the crumbs evenly on top of the cake and leave it "fluffy".
  • decorate according to your own wishes and will! Leave overnight to set fine. The cake is very firm, the picture shows a trace of melting because I heated the knife to make it easier to cut.
  • This measure is really big, but you can try everything in half first, so if you like the full measure next time :)
  • The paste from hazelnuts or some other nut is made in the following way: Bake the hazelnuts and then grind them finely on a machine. After that, transfer to a coffee grinder and grind until the so-called oil breaks out. The paste prepared in this way smells better, and the fillings and creams are much creamier. (Description for those who don't know what Lesnik pasta means :)


Enjoy as we enjoyed!


always cake giotto

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