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Ghoribas - Moroccan biscuit with peanuts and coconut

These gohriba biscuits are with peanuts which gives them crunchiness and coconut which gives them softness. Moroccan ghriba again, but I really liked these too!

Preparation steps

  • Put ground, unsalted, roasted peanuts, coconut for 150 g in a bowl, add sugar, a teaspoon of apricot jam (strawberry, raspberry or any to your taste), 3 tablespoons of orange juice (in the original recipe it is orange water but I am juice put as a substitute), 50 ml of melted butter, a bag (2 teaspoons or 12 g) of baking powder and add eggs. Knead the dough by adding more coconut. The dough should be soft. Tear off the dough pieces, lightly make balls with your palms. Dip each ball well or roll in powdered sugar, without removing the excess and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, taking care of the distance because they grow a lot. Bake in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
  • Leave the baked biscuits on the wire to cool, store them cold in a metal box and enjoy! How much coconut will go depends on the size of the egg. The dough should be soft for the biscuits to crack. It should be sticky but enough for the piece you are tearing to gather into a ball. It is enough to wet your palms so that the dough does not stick. In the original recipe, your hands are soaked in orange water, which probably smells nice, but it's still more than good. The powdered sugar in which the ball is rolled should be very powdery, if it is not (there are those that are like sharp flour) then the dough absorbs all the sugar. I grind the peanuts in a blender, then it is a little wetter and releases the fat, at the bottom it turns into butter. The recipe, very little corrected by the measures, is from the site,


Serve them with tea!


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