Rosa Cooking

Fine sauce

When you feel like new flavors, and you want something quick, rely on the fridge and the usual - a little cream, a little mayonnaise, a little lemon…

Preparation steps

  • In a bowl, mix the cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and garlic granules.


Serve the sauce prepared in this way with grilled vegetables and grilled meat and fish.


If desired, you can add mint or chives to the sauce.


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Wine cream is especially popular in countries with a high wine culture. So the French have sabayon, the Italians zabaione, the Germans Weinschaumsauce, the Austrians Weinchaudeau, while in our country they call it chateau and shodo.

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South Tyrol is an extremely interesting historical, geographical, tourist and gastronomic heart of Europe: the province is part of Italy, and in its plate are the most famous specialties of Italian and Austrian cuisine that surprise with harmony and modernity.