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Chocolate baskets

How to make chocolate baskets quickly and easily? They can be used as a cake decoration or as a bowl for fine mousses.

Preparation steps

  • Pour the tempered chocolate into a pastry bag. Cut off the top of the bag and sprinkle chocolate on the inflated balloon. Hook the balloon with the chocolate hook on the grill in the refrigerator and leave it to harden for 1 hour. Just pierce the top of the balloon a little with scissors to let the air out easily. Allow the balloon to fully deflate and carefully pull it out.
  • Fill the basket with cream or use it to decorate a cake.
  • How to temper chocolate see here!priprema-okolade-za-ukraavanje/c1u8j
  • See how else you can decorate your desserts on the page From sweet sweets!ukraavanje-slastica/cntg


chocolate decorations

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