Rosa Cooking

Chinese feast

Again, a dish "from the bag", ideal for beginners, and above all for fans of Chinese food :) In addition, it is very healthy. We brightened up this wonderful spring day with this meal :)

Preparation steps

  • Fry the chopped chicken and mushrooms in olive oil. When it's almost done, add a Chinese mixture that includes various vegetables, soy sprouts, pieces of bamboo (my favorite part because bamboo crunches between your teeth during meals), some dark mushrooms). Grate a little fresh cabbage. Fry a little more, until the mixture is ready and add spices to taste. Along with the noodles, you also get some spicy and bamboo dressing, and I deliver them to this main mixture.
  • Cook 3 packs of noodles (enough for 3 people). Cook for about 3-4 minutes.


Serve side by side, or a mixture of noodles, mix and enjoy. For me, white wine went great with this meal. This is another super healthy and delicious dish from our kitchen.


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