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Chicken with mushrooms and prunes

In terms of food composition, I liked this recipe and decided to prepare it. We liked it very tasty. Here is the recipe in front of you, try it and you won't go wrong :)))

Preparation steps

  • Cut the chicken white meat into strips, mix with soy sauce and kuyri. The meat should stand for at least an hour in this, maybe longer. Leave in the fridge.
  • Cut the onion into crusts and sauté it in olive oil. Add diced bacon. Simmer a little more. Now add the white meat that has been left in the spices. Stew the meat, then add the champignons to the leaves and celery to the s, then the prunes and white wine. Stew until the water evaporates. Towards the end add the crushed garlic and pepper and to taste.
  • This dish has an extremely specific taste.


Serve it with one of the fresh salads of your choice.


chicken lunch

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