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Chicken thighs with chickpeas and roasted peppers

... watching the culinary show "Gordon Ramsay's Top Domestic Cuisine" this recipe appealed to me because I adore the basic ingredients used in the recipe, this summer for lack of time and trying to prepare a quick lunch, I was delighted with this simple salad meal.

Preparation steps

  • if you do not have boned thighs, first remove the bones, salt, pepper and sprinkle with olive oil, grill or grill pan first on the side with the skin, when the skin is nicely crispy, turn and bake on the other side
  • while the meat is roasting, make a salad dressing, mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice mix well
  • cut the pepper into strips, rinse and strain the chickpeas, halve the capers
  • put everything in one wide bowl add basil leaves torn into larger pieces, cut the meat into strips, pour the topping and stir


... with a salad meal, serve bruschettas or baked leftovers from the day before and pour good wine over everything ... white or red as you like;)



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