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Chicken galantine

Culinary experts understand cold cuisine as all dishes that are served cold. So all those dishes that are prepared in advance. The advantage is that a larger number of guests can be served at once. Both in the household and in restaurants. Chicken galantine occupies a prominent place in the menu of cold or hot-cold buffet, buffet and festive menu.

Preparation steps

  • Method of preparation: # Remove the skin from the whole cleaned chicken, starting from the back. So it stays whole. Separate the meat from the bones.
  • Cut the white meat into slices, beat thinly with a pestle and place such meat on the chicken skin.
  • Mince the remaining chicken and veal several times.
  • Prepare panada from milk and flour and butter. Add panada to minced meat and mix everything well. Then add the diced bacon, dry tongue, thicker liver, trifle and pistachio.
  • Mix it all well and that is the hope for galantine.
  • I put the stuffing on the skin and the prepared meat. Wrap it all in a cloth or gauze and tie it tightly with twine, so we got galantine.
  • Galantine should look like thinner salami.
  • Put bones and vegetables in a bowl with water and spices. When the water boils, add the chicken galantine, which is cooked for about thirty minutes.
  • Take out the galantine, repack it and press it a little lightly. Let it cool. # Free the galantine from the gauze, cut it and serve it on a base of French salad, semis with aspic. Decorate and store in a cool place or in the refrigerator until serving.


Depending on the wishes of the guests, galantine can be prepared from almost all poultry and game.


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