Rosa Cooking

Chicken and tingle

A little different than my grandmother and mother cooked.RD

Preparation steps

  • Cut the chicken into pieces and fry a little in oil. Chop the vegetables. Remove the meat and fry the onion and onion in the same oil first, and then gradually add the peppers, carrots, canned food, salt, paprika, plums. Drizzle with passat, prosecco and cherry juice. Return the meat to the pan, add the stock to cover the meat and cook until the meat is cooked through. Towards the end add the chopped petrusimul. We can chop the meat with a stick mixer (first remove the meat), and if we have chopped the vegetables finely and we don't have to. Add the capers towards the end, we don't mash them but add them when we mashed and return the meat. Boil a little more and add stock or water if that is too thick. We can serve it with homemade gnocchi or pasta. We can freeze the leftovers.


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