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Chicago cake

There are countless chocolate cakes. I love them all! Both the rich ones - with lots of ingredients, and the more modest ones - for every day or crisis time. Every housewife has their favorite from these ranks and Chicago is mine! From a grandmother's cook, in one family for several generations, and now more and more often on my table. Classic, moderate and delicious!

Preparation steps

  • In almost all recipes, it is recommended to mix egg whites and egg yolks separately, and at the end to combine them into a uniform mass. All those who do so can do so this time as well. I stopped that practice several years ago, buying a new, fast mixer. I beat whole eggs with the addition of a pinch of salt and then sugar for a bit longer and I claim that there is no difference in the finished product. I will write the same way in this manual, but you, my dears, are confused in accordance with your experience :)
  • Beat the eggs with the sugar until you get a fine, thick mass. Then add ground walnuts and cocoa powder (or 2 bars of grated chocolate). Bake the biscuit in a 3 liter pot (as it says in the original recipe) :)
  • For the cream, beat the whole eggs with the addition of powdered sugar and vanilla and cook on steam until the mass starts to thicken. Add chocolate. When the chocolate has melted remove from the heat. Chilled combine with whipped margarine. The original recipe also states that margarine is added to the cooled cream and mixed until it melts. You can choose the way.
  • Cut the crust into two parts, combine them with cream and coat the whole cake. Decorate as desired.


With this recipe I am not putting a photo of the cake (it is currently missing) but another thing from my grandmother's chest :)



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