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Chemical analysis of women

Some chemist was playing, he was certainly not married otherwise he would not dare.

Preparation steps

  • Element: Female Symbol: Že Found: Adam Atomic weight: Optimal 54 kg but varies from 4o kg to 250 kg Element frequency: Larger quantities can be found in urban areas
  • Physical properties: The surface is usually painted. It boils at once. It freezes for no reason. It melts if the proper procedure is applied. Tasteless if tried incorrectly. The element is extremely rarely found in a virginally pure state.
  • Chemical properties: Easily combines with gold, silver and other precious metals and precious stones. Absorbs large amounts of expensive materials. May explode suddenly without warning and for no apparent reason. It does not dissolve in water, but its susceptibility increases significantly if soaked in alcohol. The most effective known element for absorbing money.
  • Most common use: Primarily as a decoration, especially in expensive sports cars. An excellent medicine for relaxation. Very effective cleaner.
  • Experiments performed: Reddens when found without packaging. Green when placed next to a better pattern.
  • Dangers: A very dangerous element except in the hands of experts. It is illegal to have more than one although it can be owned and more provided they are kept in different locations and make sure that the elements do not come into direct contact with each other.



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