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Charlotte with pineapple

instead of pineapple, peaches or some other fruit can be used ... it is desirable that the compote is for the juice in which the biscuits can be

Preparation steps

  • Cook the pudding according to the instructions on the bag, and leave it to cool. During this time, cut the biscuits according to the height of the mold.
  • Cover the cake pan with cling film and place biscuits soaked in pineapple juice along the edge. The rounded part goes down, the adio with the sugar towards the mold.
  • Add gelatin to the cooled pudding and finally mix in the whipped sweet cream and pineapple pieces. Put in a mold with the cookies and leave in the fridge to cool. Turn on a serving plate and remove the foil. Coat the upper part with jam as desired and decorate with the rest of the pineapple


charlotte pineapple

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