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Čevapčići in a coat

an interesting and very tasty dish, for all kebab fans and those who don’t like them when they try this will surely change their minds. Good apetite!!

Preparation steps

  • whisk 2 eggs with a little salt and vegeta
  • add the flour and mix with a mixer until you get a pancake-like mixture.
  • add 1 dcl of beer (drink the rest while preparing), mix and continue to add flour until you get a thick mixture, as for pizza (when it becomes thick enough you will not be able to use a mixer anymore, so switch to your hands)
  • we roll the čevape into the dough on which we previously put the ham, and the cheese on the ham, then the čevap, we roll everything into a roll
  • pour 0.5 l of oil into a deep frying pan and add the wrapped kebabs to the heated oil, then fry them on both sides until they turn brown.
  • we take them out and put them on a napkin to soak up the excess fat


they are served warm with a light side dish or a seasonal salad! GOOD APETITE!!


cevapi ground ham lunch roast salty

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