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Cedevita cake

a light and refreshing cake for any time of year

Cedevita cake

I got this recipe from my sister-in-law and there are probably similar recipes already, but here are my versions :)

Cedevita ice cream

Delicious and creamy refreshing ice cream tastes like CEDEVITE oranges from the best pastry shop. I don't know which is better, cream or beautiful color. It's time to experiment with new ice cream recipes. There is nothing sweeter than when I successfully combine a new recipe. This ice cream will not require an ice cream machine and will not crystallize, without ice crystals.

Fruit tea

with honey and cedevita


According to the recipe of my neighbor…. I have no idea why it is called that, I just know that children adore it…

Muffins with Cedevita

My playful child came up with the idea to make him muffins that Cedevita goes to. He says: put Cedevita instead of baking powder. I said ok, but I added it instead of some sugar. I cheated a bit but they turned out great. Basically it’s a recipe from Zebra muffins that I make often, I published that recipe a long time ago.

Refreshing fruit Cedevita cake

A similar recipe has been tried many times, and this is our favorite version.

Warm orange and / or lemon drink

Did you eat an orange and throw the peel in the trash? Do not! :) You can use this orange or lemon powder as an addition to mulled wine, tea or cakes or prepare it as a hot beverage. It looks a bit like Cedevita to me :))))

Yellow tea

Zova is a well-known remedy for colds and is great for coughing, but we can drink this tea even when we are healthy, not only in winter but also in summer as cold tea.