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Catalan Susos (or chuchos)

The traditional name for this delicacy, typical for Catalonia, is "chuchos" (or susos), but in some Galician confectioneries it is called Obús (projectile or smaller cannon) ... It can be a full cream or strawberry jam. I made these at the urging of a friend… NOTE: Obús (suso) is hyper-mega caloric (that's why I prefer the name Obús :-D) All in all, there is a nice legend connected with the origin of this name, which you can read below if you wish. recipe

Preparation steps

  • Mix sifted flour, salt, sugar, vanilla (if you use vanilla in liquid form then add it in the center of the flour together with the milk) and baking powder
  • Make a "volcano" out of the flour and put a lightly beaten egg in the center, then lukewarm milk, and mix everything with a wooden spoon. Milk should be added gradually until the mass becomes soft (not hard)
  • Without ceasing to knead, add softened butter or fat and knead until the dough begins to separate from the walls of the bowl. Again, it should be noted that the mass must be soft, not firm
  • Form a circle and leave in a greased bowl, in a warm place, then cover it with a cloth and wait until it doubles (I put it in the oven at 25ºC)
  • Then the mass is stretched with a rolling pin, forming a rectangle a little more than half a cm thick, then cut the dough into triangles as when making croissants, and add cream to each with a syringe (or if you do not want cream, then strawberry jam) and twist the triangle . You can also make a roller shape and close both ends (my case)
  • Leave them on a floured or dusted surface until they double (30-60 min)
  • Heat a fryer or a deeper skillet with plenty of oil and fry turning them frequently so as not to burn. Arrange them on kitchen paper to drain off excess oil. They can be sprinkled with plain sugar or sugar mixed with vanilla powder. And instead of sugar, they can be topped with melted white and dark chocolate
  • CREAM PREPARATION: Pour the milk into a sieve and bring to a boil. On the other hand, mix sugar and semolina, then add eggs. When the milk boils, add this mixture and cook until it reaches some 85ºC. Remove from heat. Add vanilla and cover with plastic paper or cellophane until cream is used


On the famous pedestrian street, La Rambla, in Barcelona, ​​you can see a nice character who is part of a legend, the so-called "el Tarlá", and to whom the name "Suso" (chucho) is connected. This acrobat entertained the citizens during the quarantine due to some epidemic. And elem, the legend says that he fell in love with the confectioner's daughter and that he secretly visited. But during one of the visits, the father unexpectedly came across and Tarlá hid in a bag of flour, but irritated by the flour, he had to sneeze saying "chui-chui". In order not to anger his beloved's father, he promised to marry her and to give his father a new cake recipe, which he called "suso" (chucho) in the name of the sneeze that betrayed him. Today, during holidays or vassals, one can see a doll presenting Tarlá, hung in the same place where he himself entertained people in the past.


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