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Castle Cake (Zara's Cake)

Here's how I made a castle for my little godson. Maybe help someone make their little princess / prince happy. Let this recipe be just an idea for you, and everything else will be finished by your imagination, so you make the biscuit and filling to your own taste, and the recipe is there to help you put it together and encourage you if you thought you couldn't do it yourself.

Preparation steps

  • BISCUITS: It is necessary to bake 2 such biscuits and leave them to cool
  • First mix the eggs and sugar until the sugar is completely melted (dip your finger in the mixture and rub between your thumb and forefinger, if you don't feel the crystals under your fingers it's over)
  • Add oil, milk, flour and baking powder and mix to get a smooth thick mixture
  • Shake the biscuit mixture in a greased and floured pan (40 × 30 cm) and bake for about 30 minutes at 180 C.
  • FILLING: You will need two mixtures of the filling
  • Put milk with vanilla sugar to boil
  • In a milk whisk, mix the pudding powder mixed with 5 full tablespoons of sugar, a full tablespoon of density and 6-7 tablespoons of cold milk and cook on low heat until it thickens.
  • Place the bowl with the finished pudding in a sink filled with cold water and cool the pudding with constant stirring (you will need about 15 minutes)
  • Whip the whipping cream into a solid whipped cream and mix a few tablespoons of the whipped cream into the cooled pudding to make it easier to spread.
  • Wrap one sheet of wafer in a damp cloth. When the wafer softens enough that you can bend it, cut a strip about 7 cm wide and wrap it in a roll on the left and right sides, leaving about as much space as you will need for the inscription / dedication. Leave the bent wafer in the air to dry by turning it occasionally (about an hour)
  • From the first biscuit, cut a square approximately the size of the tray on which you will serve the cake and cut it horizontally into two crusts (the bottom biscuit in the picture is 28 × 28 cm). Place the bottom crust on a tray. Cut strips of greaseproof paper approximately 6 cm thick and place them on all sides under the crust to protect the tray from staining when filling and smearing the whole cake. Apply the filling on the first crust and cover it with the second half of the crust. Press the crust into the filling well to keep everything in place. Then coat the top of the biscuit with the filling, but not too thick.
  • From the second biscuit, cut four smaller squares (in the picture 14 × 14) and cut each one horizontally so that you will have 8 biscuit crusts (you will also have a little extra for the ‘third floor’). Lay all the crusts on top of each other on the work surface and with a tall narrow glass (for champagne, for example) trim the corners to make grooves for the towers.
  • Lay crust by crust in the middle of a large biscuit and spread each one with the filling in between. (All 8 barks for the second floor were too high for me, so I only used 6, and the last two went to the top of the castle). Finally, coat the biscuits with filler on all sides and smooth them (The grooves for the towers do not have to be carefully smoothed because they will be hidden by the towers). Finally, place the third floor if you want (about 6 × 6cm is in the picture) and immediately decorate it with whipped cream, because it will be difficult for you to get to it later because of the towers.
  • Thinly coat the chips with the filling and roll them in coconut that you have colored with food coloring (Pour the coconut into a freezer bag, drip the paint, inflate the bag with air, close and shake until the color is evenly distributed and color all the coconut). Put each piece firmly on the roll and press them together in the slots in the biscuit intended for them.
  • Make a door out of decorative waffle sticks (about 5 pieces) and press them into the castle. Divide the njamb waffle biscuit into two pieces and place it on top of the castle along the very edge around it, and make windows out of them (turn the chocolate side outwards and press it into the sides of the castle).
  • Finally, decorate the castle with whipped cream that you paint with food colors as desired. Sprinkle the bottom large biscuit with green coconut. At the very top of the castle (third floor) place the inscription on the wafer, but if you are going to transport the cake, place the inscription only before placing the cake on the table.
  • Draft 1 Draft 2 Cross Section Close Up


birthday cake castle children decorations

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