Rosa Cooking

Carp from the grill

Juicy and tasty fish with a side of fragrant spring potatoes!

Preparation steps

  • We salt the carp snicle with our hands, rub it well with it and bake it on a strong grill until the fish gets a nice color (snicle is cut into about two fingers thick on average in fish markets). The fish is baked quickly. recommended grills for roasting fish, because turning over the fish on the grill requires experience and extra fresh fish to keep the snicle intact. bake another, do not roll over several times on the same side as you will dry out the fish.
  • Serve the baked fish immediately on a plate and pour over the marinade, do not put it first in the dish after baking and then on a serving plate, as this increases the chance of it falling apart.
  • Wash the side dish or new potatoes well and, if necessary, peel off the dirty and damaged parts. minutes or less depending on the oven. In the meantime, turn the potatoes 1-2 times with a long spoon to reapply the fragrant soft. When the potatoes are ready, try and add salt if necessary.
  • Pleasant!


fish marinade

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