Rosa Cooking

Tuna with sugar pea pods

Thai suggestion for a wok dinner: roasted tuna cubes and cooked mange-tout in spices that make clear thoughts! Hack-hack, hop-hop, and it's over!

Preparation steps

  • Boil sugar pea pods in salted water.
  • Fry the diced fish on all sides in two tablespoons of heated oil.
  • Remove the fish, add the remaining oil on which to fry the onion, add the ginger, crushed garlic, lime zest and chopped chili.
  • Drizzle with coconut milk.
  • When it boils, return the fish, add the soybean sprouts, cooked sugar pea pods and lime juice and bring to a short boil.


Serve sprinkled with sliced ​​fresh coriander leaves.


It is desirable to prepare this dish in a wok dish.


baked coriander fish garlic peas yummi

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